The Body Shop's Fall Offerings Are All About Soothing Dry Skin While Smelling Amazing

With the arrival of chilly November temperatures, I've been so happy that I've recently upped my skincare and bath routine to include all kinds of fabulously moisturizing ingredients.

This weather (and the fact that the heat is always blazing) leaves my skin bone-dry without proper treatment, which is why I'm so glad that a brand rep from The Body Shop recently hooked me up with some amazing new products for combating dryness. This package also included products from their limited-edition Vanilla Pumpkin goodies, which have already flown all too quickly off the shelves. Here's why I'm obsessed with all of it.

The Body Shop: Vanilla Pumpkin Body Collection

(via The Body Shop)

Vitamin E Skin Cooling Gel Mist: $20

While I have a number of toners and face sprays in my collection, I didn't have a mist developed superficially with moisturization in mind. The Body Shop's Vitamin E Skin Cooling Gel Mist perfectly filled that niche, allowing me to skip on potentially drying sprays when needed. Despite being a gel, it sprays on like a liquid, and absorbs into the skin quickly, leaving it feeling ultra-hydrated and cooled. It has a delicate fruity scent, and I've found it's perfect for spritzing on if I'm ever feeling a little dry during the day. It's become the first thing I apply to my face when I get out of my morning shower, and with the current weather, I'm not sure what I'd do without it.

The Body Shop: Vitamin E Skin Cooling Gel Mist

(via The Body Shop)


Tea Tree In-Control Hydrator: $15

When I think tea tree oil, I immediately think of cleansing, so I was a little bit surprised to see it as the main ingredient in a moisturizer. Don't let the crisp, astringent smell fool you—rather than stripping your skin, this stuff will leave it feeling hydrated, clean and fresh. The light cream goes onto skin smoothly without leaving a greasy or shiny texture, and I've started applying it on top of my SPF moisturizer to keep my skin from drying out all day.

The Body Shop: Tea Tree in Control Hydrator

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Vanilla Pumpkin Shower Gel: $10

Now here's where things get interesting—in the couple of weeks since I received my bundle from The Body Stop, this line of deliciously scented Vanilla Pumpkin products totally sold out online. So while there might be a chance you can can still find some stock of this shower gel in stores, The Body Shop's website no longer has them in stock.

That's a shame, because this is one scent I can really get behind. While I tend to find most vanilla-scented products too overpowering and headache-inducing, the fragrance of this body wash finds the perfect balance. The scent is sweet but not sickly, combining fall spices with vanilla to produce something that smells like spiced sugar cookie dough. Plus, the lather it generates is rich and bubbly, leaving skin feeling silky smooth. If you can track it down, I highly recommend it.

The Body Shop: Vanilla Pumpkin Body Wash

(via The Body Shop)


Vanilla Pumpkin Hand Cream: $6

Like the Vanilla Pumpkin Shower Gel, this Vanilla Pumpkin Hand Cream was no longer available online for much of the week before being restocked, and after using it pretty much daily for a couple of weeks, I can see why people are so obsessed with it. It contains the same dreamy scent as the shower gel, but in a ridiculously remoisturizing cream form designed to soothe cracked, dry hands. And even though my hands aren'that dry, I've been reapplying frequently because I can't get enough of the scent.

The Body Shop: Vanilla Pumpkin Hand Cream

(via The Body Shop)


Vanilla Pumpkin Body Butter: $21

Good news—if you've been coveting The Body Shop's vanilla pumpkin scent, the Vanilla Pumpkin Body Butter is still available—at least for the time being—and this might actually be my favorite of the three products. Again, it contains exactly the same fall-themed fragrance, but this time in a 6.7 oz. tub of rich shea body butter. Not only is the texture thick and creamy, but it leaves skin feeling so hydrated. I love using it to lock moisture in after my morning showers, leaving me feeling smooth and smelling incredible all day long.

The Body Shop: Vanilla Pumpkin Body Butter

(via The Body Shop)


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