The Body Shop's Festive Berry Little Gift Box Is a Perfectly Indulgent Holiday Gift

After being introduced to The Body Shop back in October, they've become an essential part of my daily routine.

Their Tea Tree In-Control Hydrator is my must-have morning moisturizer, and I don't go a day without moisturizing my hands with their dreamy Vanilla Pumpkin Hand Cream. When it came time to do some early holiday shopping, I also went a little wild ordering The Body Shop goodies for everyone on my list.

As luck has it, the brand also has some deliciously scented holiday products on offer, including the luxurious treats in their Festive Berry Little Gift Box. When a rep for the brand asked me if I'd be interested in checking it out, I was more than willing. Keep reading to find out precisely what it's all about:

The Box

The Body Shop's Festive Berry Little Gift Box consists of a festive, button-up burlap pouch filled to the brim with four holiday products featuring the brand's Festive Berry fragrance. It includes a shower gel, hand cream, exfoliating sugar body scrub and body yogurt, each scented with raspberry, juniper and blackberry. They're available for just $25 in this gift bundle.

The Body Shop Festive Little Berry Gift Pouch

(via The Body Shop)


The Products

Festive Berry Shower Gel (Sold separately for $10)

If you want to smell like fresh, vibrant berries all winter long, start with the Festive Berry Shower Gel. This gel has such a refreshing fragrance, and quickly generates a rich and beautifully scented lather that'll help you feel clean as well as fruity from head to toe. Its ingredients also include North American cranberry seed oil, which refreshes dull skin. Even without the other Winter Berry items available from The Body Shop, you'll find that the scent is bright and long-lasting.

The Body Shop Festive Berry Shower Gel

(via The Body Shop)


Festive Berry Exfoliating Sugar Body Scrub
(Sold separately in 10.5 oz. size for $24)

Want to take your shower to the next berry level? Then you need to try this exfoliating sugar body scrub. It has the same powerful scent as the shower gel, but includes sugar crystals as well as real raspberry seeds to serve as a rejuvenating exfoliant. It's perfect for scrubbing away dead skin, leaving your skin looking and feeling shiny and renewed. And best of all, you only need to exfoliate once or twice a week, so this little tub will last you a while.

The Body Shop Festive Berry Exfoliating Sugar Body Scrub

(via The Body Shop)


Festive Berry Body Yogurt (Sold separately for $15)

I'd never even heard of body yogurt before this unique product, but I have to say I've become an instant fan. Yet again, it's infused with the bold Festive Berry scent, this time in an incredible 48-hour moisturizer with the exact look and consistency of yogurt. It absorbs fast and doesn't leave behind a lot of sticky residue, and is enriched with cranberry seed oil as well as almond milk. I like to apply it right after a shower to lock in moisture and feel clean and hydrated all day long.

The Body Shop: Festive Berry Body Yogurt

(via The Body Shop)


Festive Berry Hand Cream (Sold separately for $6)

Despite the changing weather, I'm still addicted to my Vanilla Pumpkin Hand Cream, so I was curious to find out how the Festive Berry Hand Cream would stack up. After trying it for a week or so, I really can't pick between them. After using it, my hands feel just as soft and moisturized, and relieved of any December dryness. And of all the Festive Berry products, this one has the most perfumey scent, seemingly having some light floral notes beneath the strong berry fragrance. I love it—and I'm more than happy to use it in tandem with my previous favorite.

The Body Shop Festive Berry Hand Cream

(via The Body Shop)


Bottom Line

At $25, The Body Shop's Festive Berry Little Gift Box is a very special gift at an incredible value. You're definitely going to save money purchasing them all as a bundle, and they all smell so fabulous—and leave you feeling so pampered—that you'll love it all. And, since the individual items in this pouch seem to be selling out fast, if you're curious about the Festive Berry Little Gift Pouch, you're going to want to snag one ASAP.


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