The Body Shop's Glorious New Lemon Collection Is Like Sunshine in a Bottle

Since the end of last year, U.K.-based The Body Shop has become one of my all-time favorite beauty brands.

Not only are they committed to empowerment and equality, but their products all work like a charm at a reasonable price. And best of all, pretty much everything they release smells amazing.

So when a rep from the brand reached out to see if I'd be interested in testing out their new lemon line of products, I jumped at the opportunity. The goodies in the range dropped just recently, and after using them for a little over a week, I've become completely obsessed.

The Products

The Body Shop's new lemon range consists of five fabulous products driven by lemon. Designed for purifying and protecting, they harness the power of lemon essential oil for their antibacterial, cleansing and protective properties. For review, I was sent their Lemon Purifying Hair & Body Wash, Lemon Protecting Hand & Body Lotion and Lemon Purifying Hand Wash. In addition, the collection also includes a face wash and hair mist.

The Body Shop lemon collection

(via The Body Shop)


The Experience

Lemon Purifying Hair & Body Wash: $15

I'm always a little bit wary of offerings that are combination shampoo and body wash, but since The Body Shop always makes such high-quality products, I had to put my trust in this one. From the moment I first smelled this shampoo, I was absolutely hooked. The scent is so bright and refreshing, like freshly grated lemon zest, that it perked me right up during my morning shower. I tried it first in my hair, filling my nostrils with its bold fragrance. I found that it sudsed up just like a standard shampoo, and didn't leave my hair feeling dull or greasy. And pouring just a little onto my flat body scrubber went a long way to generate luxurious bubbles that smelled beautiful and left my skin feeling squeaky clean.

The Body Shop lemon purifying hair and body wash

(via The Body Shop)


Lemon Protecting Hand & Body Lotion: $13

After trying out the body wash, I was more than eager to dive into the lotion. I found that it had precisely the same vibrant scent, but in a moisturizing lotiony form. It was creamy and went on smooth, without leaving behind any sticky texture, and it made my skin feel hydrated and soft. Even though it's a 72-hour formula, I've applied it daily because I love feeling moisturized and I just can't get enough of its long-lasting scent.

The Body Shop lemon protecting hand and body lotion

(via The Body Shop)


Lemon Purifying Hand Wash: $10

Even though I don't go out much these days, being stuck at home due to COVID has taught me a lot about the importance of washing my hands thoroughly and regularly. Having an amazing hand wash to turn to makes that process a whole lot more fun. This lemon hand soap smells like the other products in the line, which is only a good thing, and I love knowing that the lemon essential oils are helping to kill pesky bacteria. When your hand wash smells amazing, you seek out opportunities to wash your hands, and that's exactly the case with me and this product.

The Body Shop lemon purifying hand wash

(via The Body Shop)


Drops of Youth Bouncy Jelly Mist: $20

Okay, so this product isn'technically part of The Body Shop's new lemon line, but it was sent to me at around the same time, and I have to gush about it somewhere because I can't get enough of it. In the tube, the Drops of Youth Bouncy Jelly Mist comes in a gel form, but it turns into a gentle mist when you spray it on your face. It's designed specifically as an anti-pollutant, protecting your skin's moisture barrier from pollution both indoors and out, while utilizing plant stem cells from edelweiss, sea holly and criste marine to renew skin. While it's hard to say exactly how well it's actively protected my skin, I can say that it leaves me feeling fresh, moisturized and soft every morning and night when I spray it on. Plus, I simply can't get enough of its slightly sweet, floral scent.

The Body Shop Drops of youth mist

(via The Body Shop)


Bottom Line

If you've tried The Body Shop before and enjoyed their products, you'll find that there's nothing not to love about the products in their lemon range. The brand is all about affordability as well as quality, and unless you can't stand the scent of lemon (or have an allergy) chances are that you're going to want to have these around for a long time.


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