The Boy Band Project Takes Over Sweety Spotlight!

In the latest episode of SweetBeatTV's Sweety Spotlight, The Boy Band Project stops by Sweety High headquarters for an exclusive Projectors won't soon forget!The Boy Band Project

Zac, Mathias, Levi, Nick, and Brandon do a beat-box band introduction, and talk all about the formation of The Boy Band Project and the 90s boy bands that inspired them!

They also discuss all things related to their music video for "Find That Girl," including working with Kylie Jenner, and how their individual styles reflect in their suits!

Tune in to hear an amazing a cappella version of their song "Hiding In My Head," and watch as the boys do a DIY "project" of their own as they design personalized iPhone cases for lucky Sweety Projectors!

Which boy band member would the boys of The Boy Band Project like to emulate? You'll have to watch the new interview below to find out!