We Tried The Cookie Joint's Delicious Cookie Fries—Here's What We Thought

Cookies are delicious. So are french fries. But what happens when you blend the two into one truly unique dessert?

That's exactly what Jill Balick and Susie Schuster when they founded The Cookie Joint, home of Cookie Fries. The moment I spied the treats on Instagram, I knew I had to reach out to see if they could really taste as good as they looked. The duo was kind enough to send me a basket packed with Cookie Fries (and delectable dipping sauces), and here's what I found out next.

The Product

The Cookie Joint's Cookie Fries are hearty shortbread cookies baked to resemble delicious crinkle-cut fries and served up in a cute cardboard carton. And since no fry is complete without being dipped into ketchup, Cookie Fries come paired with delicious dipping sauces to complete the experience.

Their shop features a selection of Cookie Fries flavors that change seasonally, as well as five different sauces for dipping. Their store sells them in bulk, starting at $55 for a one-pound bag of a flavor of your choice, but they sell various gift baskets as well—including ones with additional celebratory accessories.

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The Experience

My package came in a big box stacked to the brim with packing peanuts, which kept my adorable gift basket safe and sound. I was also delighted to find out The Cookie Joint is eco-conscious and that they were biodegradable peanuts that dissolve in water. The basket was delicately wrapped up with a bow and  included a dozen cartons of Cookie Fries—each holding five "fries"—as well as a dozen cups of dipping sauce.



The Sauces

The Cookie Joint has five dipping sauce offerings: Salted Caramel, Marshmallow, Hazelnut, Peanut Butter and Chocolate. The Salted Caramel is the perfect, gooey consistency, and manages not to be cloyingly sweet thanks to a welcome addition of salt, adding a little special something to every cookie dipped in it. Though I'm not usually a big marshmallow fan, the Marshmallow dipping sauce became my favorite of the five. With a smooth finish and a sweet but not overpowering flavor, it wound up being a great contrast to most of the cookies in the pack. And if you love Nutella, you're going to enjoy their thick, nutty Hazelnut dipping sauce. The Peanut Butter wound up being my least favorite, as it wasn't particularly sweet and didn't do much to complement the cookies I tried dipping inside. However, the Chocolate sauce was another winner all around. It's thick and rich, and chocolate always makes everything better.




I decided to start with the tried-and-true original flavor as the baseline. The cookie had a nice, crunchy texture, and though the plain shortbread flavor wasn't particularly exciting, it was sweet enough to enjoy on its own, but became extremely delicious with the help of The Cookie Joint's many tasty dipping sauces.



Chocolate Chip

After finding the Original flavor a bit plain on its own, I was delighted with the taste of the Chocolate Chip Cookie Fries. Though the chocolate pieces are small, they add a nice bit of smooth texture, as well as flavor, to the cookies, making them super snackable on their own—though I especially loved dipping them in Chocolate sauce.



Double Chocolate Chip

The Double Chocolate Chip fries accidentally got gobbled up before I had the chance to snag a photo, but they wound up being one of my top favorites. It's like the regular Chocolate Chip Cookie Fries, but with a hint of chocolate in the shortbread itself, and the two combined make for a rich and delicious flavor. For this one, I liked using the Marshmallow dipping sauce for variety.


Cookies n' Cream

The Cookies n' Cream Cookie Fries also had a delicate chocolate flavor mixed into the shortbread, though they didn't quite have the cocoa punch of the Double Chocolate Chip. The "n' Cream" portion of the name made me want to also dip these in the Marshmallow sauce, and I wasn't disappointed.



Cinnamon Spice

The Cinnamon Spice Cookie Fries were another favorite of mine. Though the spices weren't quite as strong here as they might be in a speculoos or gingerbread cookie, the cinnamon comes through in the shortbread enough to make it a standout. I found them to be especially tasty when dipped in the Salted Caramel sauce, but the cookies were versatile enough to work with all the sauces.


Chocolate Toffee Crunch

I'm always drawn to chocolate-flavored snacks, and the Chocolate Toffee Crunch Cookie Fries were no different. These had the bolder chocolate flavor of the Double Chocolate Chip cookies, with a slightly caramel-y something to the shortbread. These were equally delicious dipped in the Hazelnut and Salted Caramel dressings, and were good to the very last crumb.




The sprinkles in these Confetti Cookie Fries add more than just a vibrant pop of color. In addition to providing a hint of sweetness, they also gave the Cookie Fries an extra crispy crunch. And just like the Original flavor, these worked equally well with different dipping sauces.


Green Mint Chocolate Chip

Last but not least were the Green Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Fries, and they wound up being my very favorite of the bunch. The light mint flavor in the shortbread built up the more I ate them, until the last bite was positively packed with mint. The chocolate chips inside beautifully complemented the mint flavor. I loved pairing these equally with the Marshmallow and Chocolate dips.



Bottom Line

Not only are The Cookie Joint's Cookie Fries tasty and cute, but they're also a lot of fun to eat—particularly shared in a group with friends or family. They're awesome for parties and events, and unless you use a lot of dipping sauce, you'll likely have a lot of sauce leftover when you're done with your cookies to enjoy with other treats.

Of course, I think Cookie Fries are a dessert for special occasions. At $55 to start (and that doesn't include dipping sauce), you probably won't be ordering a basket every week to satisfy your cookie craving. But when they do arrive, you'll see just how special they really are—and you'll definitely want to take a photo or two.


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