Every Adorable Product in The Crème Shop's Vibrant Disney Collab

When it comes to mind-bending makeup and skincare collabs with the biggest brands in the world, The Crème Shop can't be beaten, and their Disney collection will have your jaw on the floor.

This bold K-beauty brand never disappoints, but their Disney goodies might be some of the cutest and most stunning offerings yet. They sent us a bundle of fantastic products to try, so just keep scrolling to see everything they have to offer—we dare you to resist adding at least a couple of items to your cart!

Minnie's Magic Glow Printed Essence Sheet: $4

The Crème Shop has become our one-stop shop for sheet masks lately thanks to their great prices, cute prints and amazing ingredients for skin. This one comes in pink and features an adorable Minnie Mouse pattern while also including collagen and allantoin for plumping and softening skin, as well as aiding moisture absorption. You can also buy them in six-packs for $20 (which you'll want to because they're glorious).

The Creme Shop minnie mouse sheet masks

(via The Crème Shop)


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Mickey's Smooth Strollin' Printed Essence Sheet Mask: $4

In the case that you're acne-prone, you may want to try this Mickey Mouse-adorned mask, instead. It's just as cute, with its blue backdrop and Mickey shapes, but this one features squalane for hydrating and smoothing, as well as tea tree for acne prevention. It's available in the same six-pack deal as the Minnie masks.

The Creme Shop mickey mouse sheet masks

(via The Crème Shop)


3D Teddy Headyband in 'Polka Pink': $12

One of our biggest pet peeves is getting our hair all wet when we're washing our faces, and The Crème Shop's 3D Teddy Headybands are the perfect solution to that woe. Even better, this Minnie Mouse ears band with a pink bow is one of the most adorable things we've ever seen. It's plush and soft with a teddy bear texture, so it's super comfortable while keeping your hair in place and out of your face—and it's cute enough that you'll want to keep wearing it even once your routine is completed.

The Creme Shop pink minnie mouse headband

(via The Crème Shop)


3D Teddy Headyband in 'Spotted in Red': $12

Not really a pink gal? The Minnie Mouse Teddy Headyband is also available in her signature red, in case that's a better reflection of your style.

The Creme Shop Minnie Mouse headband

(via The Crème Shop)


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Mickey Mouse Blending Sponge: $9

Blending sponges are essential to any makeup guru's collection, and there's no reason yours shouldn't be just as charming as the rest of your products. This pink sponge features Mickey Mouse's iconic face and the classic teardrop shape for precision, streak-free application.

The Creme Shop Mickey Mouse blending brush

(via The Crème Shop)


Around the World Eyeshadow Palette: $16

The Crème Shop's makeup offerings are just as incredible as their skincare, and it shows in this awesome eyeshadow palette featuring Mickey Mouse. It comes complete with nine different highly pigmented shades in different finishes for different occasions and features warm golden hues perfect for both everyday wear and bold evenings out.

The Creme Shop Mickey Mouse eysshadow palette

(via The Crème Shop)


World of Wonder Eyeshadow Palette: $16

This Minnie Mouse eyeshadow palette is the perfect complement to the Mickey version, including golds as well as rosy tones and all kinds of shimmer. It's just as versatile, but we love this one even more for those nightwear looks.

The Creme Shop minnie mouse eyeshadow palette

(via The Crème Shop)


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Black Dual-Ended Eyeliner & Mickey Shaped Freckle Stamp

We'd love this eyeliner if it was just a smudge-proof, water-resistant black eyeliner marker, but they've made it 10 times as adorable with a Mickey Mouse freckle stamp on the other side. Is there anything cuter than a Mickey-shaped faux freckle?

The Creme Shop Disney dual eyeliner

(via The Crème Shop)


Brown Dual-Ended Eyeliner & Mickey Shaped Freckle Stamp

And if you're going for a slightly warmer makeup look, that coveted eyeliner marker and stamp duo is also available in brown!

The Creme Shop Disney brown dual eyeliner

(via The Crème Shop)


Cream Blush Balm in 'Strawberry Churro'

With blush looks being all of the rage at the moment, you'll definitely want to get your hands on this Cream Blush Balm in "Strawberry Churro." It's creamy and highly pigmented, yet easy to apply and blend with a fantastic finish, resulting in rosy-looking cheeks every time, with hardly any effort.

The Creme Shop creme blush balm strawberry churro

(via The Crème Shop)


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