Where Did One Direction Get Inspiration For Their New Kids Book?

The One Direction boys are adding author to the resumes with a new story called The Curious Tale of Fi-Rex, which they co-wrote with the help of other celebs including Paul McCartney and Nick Grimshaw. So far, we've only witnessed their writing talents in songs like "Story Of My Life" and "Steal My Girl," but we have a few ideas about where they might look for inspiration.

the curious tale of fi-rex by one direction cover art

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The Curious Tale of Fi-Rex tells the story of Fi-Rex, who's half girl, half dinosaur. Liam Payne recently spent some time at Universal Studios getting acquainted with the dinos, and he's basically a certified paleontologist now.

liam payne with raptor at universal studios

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In the "Steal My Girl" video, Danny DeVito taught One Direction how to make a story sing. All you need is a little love, light, power and danger. But was Zayn's mystery the key ingredient? We'll just have to see.

As a half-girl, half-dinosaur, Fi-Rex might not know exactly her place in the world. Fi-Rex, you deserve a whole book about "What Makes You Beautiful" (We bet it's a bunch of "Little Things"). 

Maybe Fi-Rex could be the Black Widow in a 1D/Avengers spinoff inspired by this art that is just beyond comprehension.

one direction avengers super hero

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Of we could just get the "Story Of [Fi-Rex's] Life," from 4 unique 1D perspectives.

And since Fi-Rex basically sounds like an adorable half-creature, half-person princess, she'd fit right into an Adventure Time story alongside 1D.

one direction adventure time fan art

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By the way, the guys took part to raise money for the BBC Children in Need Appeal. We love that they're doing their part. You can make a change in the world, too, with Action/1D!

What would you love to see One Direction write about? The Curious Tale of Fi-Rex publishes September 16, so check it out and share your wildest ideas with us in the comments below.