The Darkness After Tells Post-apocalyptic Tale

The Darkness After is a book written by little-known author, Scott B. Williams. It is the follow-up to his first novel The Pulse, and takes place in the same world, in which all electrical devices are instantaneously fried at once, and humanity must continue on in a world without technology.The Darkness After

This time, readers follow two new characters, April and Mitch, in a new adventure.

Mitch is stranded in New Orleans after taking his parents to the airport when the blackout happens. Lucky enough to get help from a kind elderly couple, he manages to get a good meal and lots of supplies to begin his trip home.

Unsure whether his parents are still alive, Mitch heads out to try and get to his family farm to take care of his sister. After a few days, he comes across a woman named April as three men attack her. With some quick thinking and outstanding skills, he manages to save her just in time.

The two talk, and Mitch learns that April is in a similar situation to himself. She's trying to get back to her daughter and partner. Since April has a car, and Mitch some helpful skills, the two decide to team up so that they can both get home safely.

As the two drive on, they tell each how they have each been affected by the blackout, and how they managed to get to where they are. Just as they're starting to make progress homeward, a roadblock hinders their progress. They must find a way past it.

The novel begins a bit slowly, as there's a lot of exposition and dialogue as we learn more about the situation, but after some reading the plot picks up and it's easy to get sucked into the story. Although the two characters may not be extremely relatable, they are definitely compelling, and readers will remain interested in seeing where their stories are heading.

Readers who enjoy books like The City of Ember and television shows like Lost and Revolution will find The Darkness After a gripping read.

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