The Deets on the Pretty Little Liars Midseason Finale!

We are so excited for the Pretty Little Liars wedding!

Tyler Blackburn dished about filming a wedding and how he hopes that there is an adventure in the future for his character.

But what we really want to know is, who is 'A?'

According to Lucy Hale, we haven't met 'A' yet. But she says we should sit tight and that there is going to be an interesting scene involving "mud, dresses, and running around." Ian Harding on the other hand says that 'A" might be a group of people and that from what we've seen 'A" is quite the mastermind. He also reveals that the August 30th cliffhanger will have us begging for more PLL.

Ashley Benson shares that she wants 'A' to end up being one of the four girls. "It could be Spencer, she would be a good candidate for it."

Sounds complicated, and Chad Lowe agrees, saying, "It will be complicated, as everything is with Rosewood."

We can't wait to see what's next on PLL. We'll definitely be tuning in next week for the midseason finale 'Over My Dead Body!'