Taylor Swift Says the Dress Is Blue & Black. How About You?

The internet went into a frenzy yesterday afternoon about this dress. 50% of us think the dress is white and gold. The other half see it as blue and black. Who's right? Check out what these stars think and make a decision for yourself by voting at the bottom of the page!

the dress that started it all: blue and black or white and gold?

Team White and Gold

Dove Cameron firmly believes that the dress is white and gold (you can tell by the caps lock)

dove cameron white and gold

Team Blue and Black

But there were even more stars in the blue and black camp.

A terrified and confused Taylor Swift comes out on the blue and black side

taylor swift blue and black

Demi Lovato does not get how people are seeing white and gold. Those emojis look downright concerned

demi lovato blue and black

Austin Mahone is matter-of-fact about what he sees

austin mahone blue and black

Peyton List seems surprised that she sees blue and black

peyton list blue and black

Team… Other Colors

Debby Ryan's opinion rests somewhere in the middle. She sees gold and lavender.

debby ryan gold lavender

Ariana Grande sees grey and blue (pretty much another tally in the blue and black camp)

ariana grande grey and blue

Calum Worthy has always been a jokester, but part of us believes that this is actually what he sees

calum worthy fuschia and arctic mist

Team Both!

G Hannelius started off strong on team white and gold before she had a change of heart…

g hannelius white and gold then blue and black

While Kira Kosarin saw blue and black before seeing the dress in white and gold

kira kosarin blue and black to white and gold

Rowan Blanchard's change was more subtle, starting at baby blue and gold before she decided the dress is actually blue and black

rowan blanchard baby blue and gold to blue and black

Both Lucy Hale and Zendaya summed up their updated responses in single tweets.

lucy hale white and gold then blue and black zendaya white and gold then blue and black

Team ???

Jake Short insists that the dress is nothing but an illusion…

jake short illusion

While China Anne McClain does not get what this whole ordeal is about

china anne mcclain dress confusion

This morning, the debate is anything but over. Rowan Blanchard perfectly summed up our feelings in just 7 words:

rowan blanchard woke up from nightmares about the dress

Help us solve this once and for all! Vote below with your thoughts, and if you select the third option, let us know what you see in the comments below and at Sweety High.

What color is the dress?

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