The 6 Easiest Musical Instruments to Learn

Thinking about picking up a new instrument? Well, today is National Buy a Musical Instrument Day, so there's no better time to head to your local retailer!

For a lot of people, trying to learn a new instrument can be daunting—and almost as difficult as studying a new language. However, there are plenty of instruments that can be simple for someone of any musical skill level, and we've laid six of them out to make your decision easier.


The ukulele is famously one of the easiest instruments to learn, and they are one of the cheapest to find. The ukulele only has four strings, and some of the (most popular) chords only require you to press down one of them, making it more approachable than the guitar. Start with jamming out to these pop classics: "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz, "Count on Me" by Bruno Mars and "Hey, Soul Sister" by Train.


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There's a reason most people are introduced to the recorder in their elementary school years"Hot Cross Buns," anyone? It's that easy.

The nice thing about the recorder is that it doesn't take a lot of air to produce a hearty sound, unlike other instruments like the flute or clarinet. And there aren't many holes to press, and they're close together, which naturally makes it less complex to play the most basic songs.


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Piano isn't easy in the sense that you can become a Beethoven within a week, but you can learn the chord progressions to your favorite songs in a few hours. For casual players, memorizing the chord progressions will make it quick to play music by ear and impress your friends.


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Bass Guitar

Like the ukulele, bass guitar is much more friendly to newbies because it only has four strings. Music played on the bass guitar is often repetitive, so once you have the muscle memory down, playing a whole song can be very basic.

bass guitar

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You can sound like an expert of the harmonica within a few hours. Because the harmonica plays multiple notes at once, every sound will be in key. Even if you're not hitting the perfect pitch, you'll probably sound like you know what you're doing.


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If you're interested in learning a percussion instrument, bongos can be a very fundamental starter. There aren't as many notes to learn on the bongos, which makes it the perfect instrument to hone in on your rhythm skills. Plus, it's a lot quieter than an actual drum set, so no need to worry about annoying others in the early days of learning!


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