Easy Ways to Make New Friends

The thought of having to make new friends can be stressful for anyone, regardless of whether you consider yourself an introvert, extrovert or somewhere in between.

Usually, this happens during periods of big change, like going away to college, moving to a new city or simply having a new class you don't already know anyone in. But good news: making new friends doesn't have to be hard! We've laid out some simple, easy tips for making new friends here so that you can relax and enjoy the process:

Give Compliments Freely and Frequently

There's nothing that breaks the ice with someone—and that sets you up for a positive experience—quite like complimenting them. Everyone appreciates a compliment, even if it's as simple as a comment on their nails, hair or outfit. This is a great tactic to get people to open up and also leaves them with a positive feeling in their mind when they think of you, which might be just the thing to breach a friendship.

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Try New Activities

This is an especially great tip if you've recently moved somewhere new or are starting college, as starting a new activity is a great way to invest in yourself as well as meet new people. Just make sure you're choosing activities that you actually enjoy—after all, you'll have an easier time meshing with potential friends if they truly have interests and hobbies in common with you.

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Remember That Other People Feel the Same

Making new friends is always awkward, for everyone. It makes the process of approaching and talking to new people easier when you consider that they've probably been in your shoes before, so simply approach them in as least awkward of a way as possible.


Ask If You Can Tag Along

Yes, this one might feel strange and awkward, but just try to remember that the worst answer you can get is "no." When you think about that, it makes the thought of asking if you can tag along with a group or potential friend to wherever they're going next a lot less scary. However, it's important to know when this is okay and when it might be weird, so remember to use a bit of emotional intelligence and "read the room" so to speak—do these people seem like they're enjoying your company, or like they don't really care and only talk in inside jokes they don't care to explain to you? Vibes can mean a lot when it comes to approaching friendships, so just keep an eye out for the right opportunities.

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No matter what situation has landed you in need of making new friends, at least you now have a few tactics you can try to help yourself make some quality friends. And if you need a little extra help getting started, worry not. All you have to do is click HERE to read more about why complimenting people is the easiest way to make friends.