The Ether: Vero Rising Is A Story Of Flight!

Laurice Elehwany Molinari recently published her first novel, The Ether: Vero Rising. Before working on her book, Molinari was a film and TV movie writer for over 20 years. During that time she wrote over 20 scripts for various films. Her movies include The Brady Bunch Movie, Anastasia and My Girl.The Ether : Vero Rising

The book's title character, Vero Leland, is a boy who has always wanted to fly.

Not only does he dream of flying, but he thinks he can. From a very young age, Vero makes it a habit to climb to the highest points he can, jumping off in an attempt to fly. He cries not from the pain of the inevitable fall, but out of frustration that he didn't manage to soar into the sky.

When Vero turns four, he even dares to climb onto the roof of his house. Despite his parents' calling for him to get down and a firefighter's ushering, the determined toddler leaps from the roof. As usual, he falls, but this time a strange man catches him.

The man tells Vero that he knows how difficult it will be, but that Vero needs to stop trying to fly. Vero promises him that he will.

However, his promise doesn't stop Vero's compelling urge to jump any time he nears a cliff. He dearly wants to attempt to fly again.

Eight years later, Vero is 12 years old and one of the smartest kids in school. He's assigned books and projects far above his grade level and finishes them with ease.

But Vero is also seeing strange things and performing acts that seem impossible. Vero's best friend, Tack, becomes distant when he notices that Vero is acting strangely. Vero was once very close to his older sister, Clover, but now she is anything but kind to him.

Even his own mother is distasteful toward his odd behaviors, which may have started as far back as the day she found him abandoned in the hospital as a baby.

After Vero is attacked my two demons called maltures, he's saved once again by the strange man who intervened as a toddler. He introduces himself as the angel Uriel. Uriel takes Vero to the Ether, a spiritual realm that surrounds the earth.

Vero learns he was right in thinking he wasn't ever quite like everyone else, and that he is actually a guardian angel. Finally, he has an explanation for his urge to fly and other strange habits.

But once he discovers his true identity, he must return to his adoptive family on Earth and continue to live among humans. Before he can join his fellow guardian angel warriors, he must train and master his newfound powers while alternating between the Ether and his regular life on Earth.

The Ether: Vero Rising, was published in February of this year, and deserves to be read, loved and supported. It's a typical good vs. evil story brought to life with a very imaginative and adventurous plot.

It's also a deeply enjoyable book, and readers will relate to this story about a confused young boy who finally finds his purpose in life, and understands why he's always felt so different. The story is at its most uplifting when Vero is discovering the strength within himself. We can't recommend it enough!

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