Love the Evil Queen From Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs? These Items Are for You

Disney princesses are great and all, but it's the villains we often find ourselves drawn to—especially the Evil Queen.

She embodied such great elegance, had a stunning wardrobe and wasn't afraid to go after what she wanted.

If you love this villain as much as we do, you'll find yourself wanting to buy every Evil Queen-inspired item below:

Evil Queen-Inspired Hair Bow: $4

Your hair will look extra wicked with this bow fastened into it.

The Evil Queen-inspired hair bow from Etsy

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Evil Queen Clutch: $68

It's an absolute pity Snow White has to make an appearance on the back of this clutch, but no one has to know.

The Evil Queen clutch by Danielle Nicole

(via Danielle Nicole)


Evil Queen Pop! Vinyl Figure: $8.99

You can't have enough of these figures, so why not add to the collection with this one?

Evil Queen Pop! Vinyl figure from Target

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"This Is No Ordinary Apple" Necklace: $23

No it is not.

This is no ordinary apple Evil Queen-inspired necklace from Etsy

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Poisoned Apple Brooch: $12

The Evil Queen never left her castle without her trusty poisoned apple, and now you don't have to either.

Sparkly poisoned apple brooch from Etsy

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Evil Queen-Inspired Minnie Mouse Ears: $25

Let all patrons of Disneyland know your fave villain by rocking these Minnie Mouse ears with pride.

Evil Queen-inspired Minnie Mouse ears from Etsy

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Evil Queen-Inspired Perfume: $15

A bold floral scent, just a dab of this perfume will have everyone's heads turning in your direction whenever you enter a room.

Evil Queen-inspired perfume from Etsy

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Evil Queen Vintage Lapel Pin: $26.69

Put this on your leather jacket stat!

Evil Queen vintage lapel pin from Etsy

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"Mirror, Mirror on the Wall" Tank Top: $23

Just in case you need a reminder of who the fairest of them all really is.

Mirror, mirror on the wall Evil Queen tank top from Etsy

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Evil Queen iPhone Case: $20.93

An over-the-top phone case fit for this devilishly extra villain.

Evil Queen iPhone case

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"One Bite" Crossbody: $68

This bag will make your dreams come true.

One Bite crossbody by Danielle Nicole

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"Evil Queen in Training" Mug: $13

One day you'll be as evil as this queen.

Evil Queen in training mug from Etsy

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