Mighty Quotes From The Falcon and the Winter Soldier to Use as Instagram Captions

We could not have been happier with the climactic conclusion of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier last week on Disney+, and we are so excited to see what its implications will be for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

While we're waiting for the arrival of the Loki series in June, we'll probably revisit Sam and Bucky's latest adventure again and again and again. Keep scrolling for some of our favorite quotes from the series to use as your next Instagram caption.

For when you feel like someone analyzing you would have a lot to say about your behavior:

"You're gonna do the notebook thing? Why? It's passive-aggressive."

-Bucky Barnes

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Bucky Barnes

(The Falcon and the Winter Soldier via Disney+)


For your most magical look:

"A sorcerer is a wizard without a hat."

-Sam Wilson


For when you know you're going to have to work really hard to live up to the expectations set for you:

"I got big shoes to fill."

-John Walker

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: John Walker

(The Falcon and the Winter Soldier via Disney+)


For when you're doing your part to get out there and change the world:

"The world's broken. Everyone's just looking for someone to fix it."

-James Rhodes


For showcasing your brainiest buddy:

"What's going on in that big cyborg brain of yours?"

-Sam Wilson


For when you finally start letting the right people in:

"One day, you're gonna have to open up and understand that some people really do want to help you and that they can be trusted."

-Dr. Raynor


For the pic with the sunshiney friend who always sees the best in people:

"You're either brilliant or just hopelessly optimistic."

-Karli Morgenthau

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Karli Morgenthau

(The Falcon and the Winter Soldier via Disney+)


For when your actions are more important than the symbols you wear:

"Symbols are nothing without the women and men that give them meaning."

-Sam Wilson


For posting that work-in-progress so people will shame you into finishing it:

"I have no intention to leave my work unfinished."

-Helmut Zemo


For that shot of you in your new uniform:

"Listen, this suit. It comes with expectations."

-Lemar Hoskins


For being your best, most individualistic self:

"You gotta stop looking to other people to tell you who you are."

–Sam Wilson

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Sam Wilson as Falcon

(The Falcon and the Winter Soldier via Disney+)


For the bravest photo in your camera roll:

"I don't have the flashiest gadgets, I don't have super strength. But what I do have is guts."

-John Walker


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