Who's The Freshest New Artist? Cast Your RDMA Vote

Who's The Freshest? Charlie XCX, Echosmith and Shawn Mendes are all Radio Disney Music Award nominees for Best New Artist. If you haven't decided who you're voting for yet, we've got a few reasons they all deserve to win!

Charli XCX

She's so fancy

Because "Boom Clap" perfectly sums up our feelings when we're crushing on someone

And she can "shake it off" just as well as Taylor Swift, which is saying something!


Because they wish they could be like the cool kids… not knowing they already are

They take the family band thing to the next level

And because Sydney is just too adorable

Shawn Mendes

It took us 6 seconds (or less) to fall in love with him

He goes out of his way to inspire his fans

And because we feel something big happening… and it's Shawn Mendes

Who's got your vote? Let us know in the poll below, cast your official RMDA vote here and check out even more categories below.

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