Taylor Swift Demonstrates "The GRAMMY Effect"!

Taylor Swift is featured in a new video about the GRAMMY Effect that reveals how truly powerful her music can be!the grammy effect taylor swift

The new video features a long-haired, bearded rocker type sitting in the waiting room of L.A.'s Union Station, bobbing his head back and forth to some unheard music. As we draw in nearer, we begin to hear what he's listening to, and it's Taylor Swift!

It soon cuts to a flashback to the 2014 GRAMMY Awards, where Taylor sang a show-stopping performance of "All Too Well" in front of the piano, rocking her head back and forth, inspiring the man in the waiting room!

"I love this SO much!" Taylor said of the video when she shared it on Twitter. We do too!

The upcoming GRAMMY Awards air on Sunday, February 8, 2015. Tune in for Taylor and so many more incredible artists and tell us your GRAMMY Award predictions at Sweety High!