Our Definitive Ranking of Every Song off The Kissing Booth Soundtrack

Netflix's The Kissing Booth has become one of the most iconic rom-coms of the last few years.

But behind every cinematic masterpiece, there's a solid soundtrack that makes it even better. And The Kissing Booth is no exception. It has one of the greatest scores of any movie we've seen in quite some time.

We decided to rank the songs for the heck of it, but we will admit, it was pretty difficult to compare these classic hits to one another. We somehow managed to do it, so see where each tune ranks below!

Elle smiling at Lee at prom in The Kissing Booth

(The Kissing Booth via Netflix)

18. 'Swimming in Stars' by Reto Burrell

As we mentioned, ranking these songs was pretty difficult, as we're obsessed with so many of them. This one only ranks so low on the list, because we had never heard it until we saw the film. We don't really have as strong of a personal connection to it as we do with the other tunes on this list. Plus, once we heard it, it didn't make us feel any sort of way. It's a great song, but not a standout among the others.


17. 'Like I Needed' by Rogue Wave

We enjoy this song, but it's not one that we'd listen to on repeat for three months until we get sick of. It's one that we could easily add to any of our moody playlists, but we'd probably tune it out the second it started. We know that's a bit harsh, but there's really nothing special to this track.


16. 'Big Talk' by Conway

We actually really like this song quite a bit and we would've loved to rank it higher on this list, but there's one problem—it doesn't really fit the whole vibe of the film. It's a sort of sweet, teen rom-com, but this song is a bit jarring and angry. Still a fantastic song, just not entirely for this movie.


15. 'Crash Into Me' by Robbie Nevil

We adore this sweet, romantic hit from Robbie Nevil. We're not usually big fans of the sappier songs, but it's so pure that we couldn't help but allow ourselves to fall for its charm. We imagine this is what it feels like to fall in love.


14. 'Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)' by Edison Lighthouse

Another sappy song we can't get enough of, this early '80s hit conjures up all those sweet feelings you experience during the beginning of any romance. We don't know how they put those feelings into a song, but they did that.


13. 'That's the Way (I Like It)' by KC & The Sunshine Band

Though this song is pretty old (it came out in 1975), you've definitely heard it. And we're guessing you also did plenty of dancing to it, too. This disco jam has transcended generations with its poppy vibe. We sure hope it never goes out of style, and we have the sneaking suspicion it never will.


12. 'Mickey' by Toni Basil

Yet another '80s masterpiece, we'll never stop listening to Toni Basil's iconic pop hit "Mickey." Watching the music video definitely made us want to become cheerleaders just so we could perform the dance number in it. That never happened, but we still move like complete fools whenever this song comes on. It doesn't matter where we are, if this tune is playing, you can bet we'll break out into full song and dance.


11. 'Summer House' by Gold Motel

"Summer House" by indie pop band Gold Motel is the ultimate summer anthem. The upbeat lyrics and melodic instrumentals create a bright and infectious vibe that'll put anyone in a good mood. It's fun and catchy, what more could you ask for?


10. 'Just Our Style' by Wayfarers

Wayfarers hasn't been around for that long, but we've been fans since we first heard this hit a few years back. An optimistic pop anthem, we love blasting it with the windows rolled down. It gives us a sense of empowerment whenever it comes on.


9. 'The Safety Dance' by Men Without Hats

This '80s song is the epitome of a classic. It's pure fun, in every form of the word. We wish we had more to say about it, but this song sort of speaks for itself. One listen and you'll get it.


8. 'New Direction' by Black Lips

We're so here for Black Lips. This band has been one of our fave rock groups since as long as we can remember. We were stoked when we heard this classic tune while watching The Kissing Booth. It caused us to listen to the band's entire discography for a few days following the viewing. If you haven't gotten into them, there's no better time than the present.


7. 'Twist Shake Shout' by Best of Friends

When "Twist Shake Shout" came out two years ago, we listened to it for months on end. It was our go-to song any time we needed to release any pent up stress. It still does the trick. Not to mention, it features one of our all-time favorite lyrics to quote: "No one is too cool to get loose." So for that, it ranks pretty high on our list.


6. 'Young at Heart' by Tim Meyers feat. The Rondo Brothers

This song was featured in the highly underappreciated dramedy The Way, Way Back, which was the first time we had heard it. We still remember the magic its compelling melody brought into our lives. We experience that same feeling every time we listen to this song, no matter how many times we've heard it.


5. 'Bust a Move' by Young MC

If there's any song that can get anyone to "bust a move," it's this one right here. This late '80s dance hit will forever be a feel-good tune until the end of time. It's fun, fast, all sorts of groovy and a classic that needs to be on every party playlist, no matter the occasion.


4. 'You're So Damn Hot' by OK Go

OK Go is a severely underrated band who more people need to appreciate, especially when they write hits like this jam. Granted, this song is one of their earlier masterpieces, but it's still a classic that plays in our heads every time we enter a room.


3. 'Heart Attack' by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

This song always reminds us of our first crushes, as it perfectly captures those feelings you get when you first start liking someone. It's also so incredibly catchy that you'll have it stuck in your head after your first listen. We hadn't heard this song in a while, but it instantly transported us back to simpler times when we heard it while watching The Kissing Booth.


2. 'Run' by Vampire Weekend

We're huge Vampire Weekend fans, so obviously this song outranks all the others. It's in our top 25 beloved songs of all time, mainly because any time we turn it on, it instantly puts us in such a better mood. There's nothing this song can't fix. The only reason this song doesn't take the No. 1 spot is because that honor belongs to a classic, which we'll talk about below.


1. 'Don't You (Forget About Me)' by Simple Minds

This '80s classic is one of the most iconic songs around. Any movie that has this bop included on its soundtrack is instantly made 10 times better, as far as we're concerned. It works in so may different contexts and will get you dancing in no time. Name any movie you love and we're sure this iconic anthem is on the soundtrack. And it deserves to make an appearance in every single movie around.


You can listen to the playlist, in the order it was intended to be listened in, below:


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