If You're Obsessed With Ariel, You'll Need All of These Adorable Thingamabobs

If Ariel is your favorite Disney princess and The Little Mermaid is your most beloved Disney fantasy film, you've come to the right place.

Show your affection for the film and the redheaded beauty by scrolling below and taking a peek at 13 thingamabobs that would surely get Ariel's stamp of approval.

Ariel Pillow: $29

Display your adoration for Ariel and your unique sense of style all at once with this The Little Mermaid-inspired pillow. Très chic.

Little Mermaid Inspired Pillow

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Starbucks-Inspired Ariel Mug: $19.95

Want to fool your friends into thinking you're drinking out of a Starbucks cup? Grab this super adorable Ariel mug with a decal that looks just like the Starbs siren, but better!

Little Mermaid Mug

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Urban Mermaid Shirt: $27.99

Who says you can't be a mermaid? This urban mermaid shirt is all you need to channel your inner Ariel. If only you could grow some fins.

Urban Mermaid T-shirt

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The Little Mermaid Candle: $7.72

Want your room smelling just like the sea? Snatch this sea breeze candle and you'll feel like you're a part of Ariel's world.

Little Mermaid inspired candle

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The Little Mermaid Print: $6.99

Spruce up your room and show off your love for the film with this cute and simple print.

Little Mermaid print for decor

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The Little Mermaid-Inspired Pin: $11.02

Want to subtly support your fave Disney princess? You totally can with this small enamel pin that perfectly captures the essence of Ariel.

Little Mermaid pin

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Ariel Wall Clock: $54.99

Add a pop of color and fun to any wall in your bedroom with this amazingly cute Ariel wall clock. Prepare for loads of compliments.

Little Mermaid wall clock

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Ariel Mickey Ears: $27

If you're heading to Disneyland, you have to pick up a pair of these custom-made Ariel ears. They even have a dinglehopper!

Little Mermaid Mickey ears

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Flounder and Ariel Iron-on Patch: $7 and $9

Flaunt your mermaid style with these precious Flounder and Ariel patches.

Flounder and Little Mermaid patches

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Ariel Stud Earrings: $15.93

Earrings don't get much cuter than this. Ariel fans, are you not in love?!

Ariel stud earrings

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Ariel Vinyl Decal: $4

Make any notebook or laptop instantly cute with this vinyl decal that will have you feeling total under-the-sea vibes.

Little Mermaid Vinyl Decal

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The Little Mermaid Keychain: $13

Love Ariel's dad King Triton? Then this keychain is your perfect accessory.

Little Mermaid Inspired Keychain

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Ariel Phone Case: $17.95

And, finally, how could you not want to pick up this phone case that combines two of our favorite things ever: Disney princesses and Starbucks.

Ariel drinking Starbucks on a phone case

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