The Lovato Project Charity, Inspired By Demi!

The Lovato Project is an organization run by three Lovatics in France to raise money for one of Demi Lovato's favorite charities, Free The Children, and now Demi is spreading the word about the project!The Lovato Project Demi

The Lovato Project started in February of 2013, when a French Demi fan named Sarah was approached by Demi's aunt, Kerissa Dunn, to design a logo for the Demi Lovato Charity Boutique.

The boutique was founded by Demi's mother and aunt, with the goal of auctioning pieces of Demi's wardrobe to raise money to donate to various charities, including Free The Children.

Free The Children is an international charity that aims to empower kids to achieve their full potential and change the world for the better.

The experience inspired Sarah to get involved with Free the Children, and eventually she created The Lovato Project to raise money with other fans of Demi in France who wanted to participate but couldn't afford to take part in the auctions.

Now, The Lovato Project is run by Sarah with the help of Lovatics Louise and Carla, and they've been raising funds with new support from Demi's family!

For Demi's 21st birthday last year, Demi visited Kenya with Free the Children. She was also involved in We Day events, which supported the charity!

A new round of Demi Lovato Charity Boutique auctions will be held from March 8th to 15th to raise more money for Free the Children. We really can't wait to see what The Lovato Project will be able to achieve next!

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