Use These Lyrics by The Maine Whenever You Need an Instagram Caption

The Maine has been one of our fave bands for a long time.

No matter what we're going through, listening to their sweet music always makes us feel like it's all going to be okay.

Their insightful and energetic tunes also come in handy whenever we need a caption for an Instagram photo. Keep scrolling for 10 of The Maine's best lyrics that you should use as your next IG caption.

For a post-graduation shot of you and your besties:

"We all will be the greatest."

-"We'll All Be…"


For a black and white photo of you with your crew:

"We're just trying to find some color in this black and white world."


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For a dark and mysterious selfie:

"I'm what time and consequence have made me."



For a #TBT of you living it up when you were a wee tot:

"Tell me how to feel like we did when we were young."

-"Like We Did (Windows Down)"

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For a snap of the sad song you're currently listening to:

"No one gets me like the sad songs."

-"Sad Songs"


For a pic letting your ex know why you "accidentally" called them:

"If I called you up it was just to say, I liked you the other way."

-"Ugly on the Inside"

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For a candid of you smiling with glee:

"Every moment's relevant, bittersweet and delicate."

-"24 Floors"


For a group shot of those who mean the world to you:

"This one goes out to my closest friends, the ones who make me feel less alien."

-"Another Night on Mars"

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For a Boomerang of you and your S.O. sharing a sweet peck:

"I like the lips you kiss with."

-"Bad Behavior"


For a photo of you traveling the world to experience all life has to offer:

"You are alive, but are you living?"

-"How Do You Feel?"

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We're pretty big fans of these guys, if you couldn't already tell. To thank them for all they've done for us, we wrote them an appreciative love letter that you can read HERE.