The Millers' Austin Mahone Love Song!

Austin Mahone's appearance on an episode of The Millers premiered toward the beginning of this month, but a video clip of the guest starring role is now available!The Millers Austin Mahone

In the episode, titled "Bahama Mama," Austin stars as a young version of Adam.

It appears that Adam once taped a love song for his high school crush, a girl named Sara. When his dad stumbles across it and plays it for the whole family, Adam tries to stop it, but to no avail.

Donning a giant pair of specs and the same letterman jacket that his future wife, Debbie, happens to be wearing, the teenage Adam on the tape confesses his love for Sara and sings a song written especially for her.

In the song, Austin shows off his incredible voice by singing silly romantic lyrics about being rejected at senior prom, and crying "the tears of a butterfly." The clip is a must-see!

After seeing the video, Debbie gets jealous that Adam has never written a song for her!

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