The Muppets are Named NYC's Family Ambassadors!

Today The Muppets were named New York City's Family Ambassadors by NYC & Company, New York City's tourism and marketing organization!

The Muppets will help promote family travel to New York.

Kermit was honored to be given this position and was quoted saying, "I've loved New York ever since I arrived in New York harbor and saw that the Statue of Liberty is green. What a welcome! New York is a great place for families, frogs, pigs, bears and…uh, whatevers to visit. We can't wait to show the world the best ways to hop around the city!"

Miss Piggy (of course) added her opinion – "New York is the most fabulous city in the world. In fact, it's almost as fabulous as moi. So don't just sit there! Get ready world! You're about to take the ultimate diva's tour of moi's favorite city! Lucky vous!"