Playful Quotes From Disney Channel's The Owl House to Use as Instagram Captions

We absolutely fell in love with The Owl House when it premiered on Disney Channel in 2020, and we couldn't be more thrilled that a third season is on the way.

We've loved watching Luz on her quest to become a witch in the Boiling Isles as she and her friends also find a way to return her to the Human Realm, and we have high hope that the next season will be even better than the first two. Celebrate with us with these amazing quotes from the series, which double as adorable Instagram captions.

For your witchiest look:

"Let's see what kind of witch you are."

-Amity Blight


For showcasing the guy in your life who actually takes responsibility for his own actions:

"A real man never takes accountability!"

-Beefy Bob

The Owl House: Beefy Bob

(The Owl House via Disney Channel)


For when you're embracing your best, witchy self:

"Being a witch doesn't happen overnight."

-Eda Clawthorne


For when you don't make a super wise decision:

"Is this what regret feels like? I hate it!"



For the photo of you sticking close to the weirdest, most wonderful people you know:

"Because us weirdos have to stick together. And nobody should be punished for who they are!"

-Luz Noceda

The Owl House: King and Luz

(The Owl House via Disney Channel)


For when you wake up from the loveliest dream:

"Wow. I've never had a dream this pretty."

-Eda Clawthorne


For that photo of you giving that person you really missed with all your heart a big enormous bear hug:

"You're back! I didn't miss you at all!"



When you're suddenly infatuated with a trend you used to despise:

"I know I should be repulsed, but that look is fierce."

-Eda Clawthorne


For when you're crushing on someone's silliness:

"She can be so stupid, which I love… I mean hate!"

-Amity Blight

The Owl House: Luz and Amity


For that thing you can't afford but must purchase:

"It sparkles and shimmers. It shines and delights. I must have it for my nest…"

-Eda Clawthorne


For when you get stuck with the consequences of what you've done:

"I will be haunted by my actions forever, hoot hoot!"


The Owl House: Hooty

(The Owl House via Disney Channel)


For when you just feel like being honest about your specific brand of geekdom:

"I like editing anime clips to music and reading fantasy books with convoluted backstories."

-Luz Noceda


For when you get a haircut and you know it really doesn't work for you:

"Don't say anything about my appearance. I will not be taking notes at this time."

-Adrian Graye Venworth


For the friendship that means everything:

"Friendship is the real magic."


The Owl House: Skara in a basketball hoop

(The Owl House via Disney Channel)


For when you're attempting (and failing) to perfect that sleight of hand:

"Humans have no magical ability. But I doubt that'll stop you."

-Amity Blight


For that person who is basically pure sunshine:

"Your aura is strong and silly, like a baby's laughter."



For when someone ends up not being at all what you'd think:

"Not judging a book by its cover is a baby rule even babies know."

-Luz Noceda


For that pic of you talking yourself up in the mirror:

"You are talented. You are a star. You may be hated, so long as you are feared. Most important of all, you are a winner."



For the baddest shot of you and your closest friends:

"Oh, you guys talking about bad girls?"

-Eda Clawthorne

The Owl House: Eda and King

(The Owl House via Disney Channel)


For the pic of you and your besties getting ready to mix things up:

"Alright you acne-encrusted-hormone-buckets, let's go let out some teen angst!"



For when your D&D game gets a little dark:

"This is clearly not the PG fantasy world I always dreamed about."

-Luz Noceda


For when it feels like everyone else is just messing around:

"Am I the only one who knows how to do their job?"

-Adrian Graye Venworth


For when you're paving your own path in life:

"I'm still figuring this world out so I'm going to make up my own mind, okay?"

-Luz Noceda


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