The Patch Brand Is THE Easiest Way to Get the Vitamins You Need—and They Work Like a Dream

I've gotten into a pretty regular routine of taking daily multivitamins over the past couple of years, but in general, it's hard to say I've noticed a big overall difference in my health.

While I've seen some noticeable differences in vitamins aimed at targeting issues like PMS and acne, those aren't issues I deal with on a daily basis. However, the vitamins on offer from The Patch Brand are a different story entirely. The brand makes vitamin patches you wear on the skin, made specifically for issues including Immunity, Stress Relief, Focus, Energy and Sleep. When the team behind the brand reached out to me to see if I'd be interested in trying them out, I jumped at the opportunity, and the brand has made one big fan.

The Brand

The Patch Brand provides an alternative to supplements in the form of capsules and pills with vitamin patches you wear on your skin, so the nutrients are absorbed directly by the bloodstream. According to the brand, since they don't require any fillers, sweeteners or unnecessary ingredients, that makes them the purest forms of vitamins.

These patches slowly release their ingredients for up to 24 hours of benefits per patch. They're also safe to use daily, as well as in combination with each other (though they don't recommend combining their Energy patch and Sleep patch, for obvious reasons.) They're also made with hypoallergenic, vegan and all-natural ingredients, and are free of latex, parabens and fragrances and are also water-resistant.

Each box contains 15 patches of one variety and sells for $12, or you can get a variety pack and try all five kinds (75 patches in total) for $54. You can also get a 30% discount by becoming a subscriber and receiving regular shipments from The Patch Brand.


The Patches

Immunity Patch

Before I actually started my patches from The Patch Brand, I read up a little bit on how to actually wear them. They're all used in the same way—you just peel the patch from its paper backing like a sticker and stick it onto a relatively hair-free part of the body (I always do the inner wrists or arm).

I started with the Immunity Patch. I was just getting over a bit of a runny nose and sore throat from a cold, and with this patch's blend of vitamin C, zinc glycinate, ginkgo and echinacea, I aimed to help out my immune system (and protect myself from feeling even worse). I applied it to my skin, and within an hour or so, the printed image on the patch disappeared, indicating that the patch was working.

It's always difficult to gauge how well anything related to immunity actually works unless you get super sick and prove it doesn'work. After the first 24 hours or so, I took it off, replaced it with another patch (in a slightly different area on my skin, to allow it to breathe) and after using these daily for three days, I got better quickly and didn't get sick again. It's hard to say whether this was a coincidence or not, but if you're already taking immunity-boosting vitamin shots, this is a good way as any to get them.

I also want to note that this is where I learned that the patches can leave quite a bit of residue on the skin, particularly in the square-shaped perimeter of the patch, when I was wearing fluffy clothing, such as sweaters. However, it came right off with soap and warm water.

The Patch Brand immunity

(via The Patch Brand)


Stress Relief Patch

Since you can pair up patches from The Patch Brand, I thought the perfect match for Immunity would be Stress Relief. This patch includes valerian root, passionflower, vitamin B6 and ashwagandha, which are all tied to rest and relaxation—vitamin B6 in particular for its help in serotonin production. After applying this patch, within less than an hour, I saw that the image had disappeared, and I felt slightly less tense, and calmer, which allowed me to approach my daily tasks without getting as overwhelmed or frustrated. On repeat uses, I've found that this relief feels pretty reliable, and while it hasn'completely made me calm during high-anxiety moments, it does seem to help regardless. I especially like it for relaxed weekends, and how they seem to help me make the most of my rest and recuperation.

The Patch Brand stress relief

(via The Patch Brand)


Focus Patch

Now, on to the patches I really love. This Focus patch includes ginkgo biloba, bacopa monnieri, vitamin B3 and magnesium L-threonate, and after applying it, within about 45 minutes, I can see a huge difference in my ability to focus and stay on task, which is perfect for work. I have an easier time reading, and comprehending what I've just read, and am better able to stay organized and finish things up without getting distracted every five minutes. I also see that I can maintain this concentration pretty much all workday long. These have been a game-changer for me—though, for some strange reason, I've never seen the image disappear on the patch to signify they've been "activated." Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but they're clearly working, so I can't complain.

The Patch Brand focus

(via The Patch Brand)


Energy Patch

My favorite pairing with the Focus Patch is the Energy Patch, which (like a Red Bull) contains caffeine and taurine, without any of the junk, plus green tea and vitamins B3, B5 and B6. I can be pretty sensitive to caffeine, getting jittery and suffering from headaches if I'm not careful, so I was curious to see where I'd land with this patch, and so far, I've seen zero negative side effects. Instead, applying it in the morning makes me feel awake and energized, like I got a great night's sleep (even if I didn't). Combined with the Focus patch, these two are unbeatable for a long day of work, and I can't get enough of it. I just recommend taking it off several hours before bed, so those energy-boosting ingredients don't wind up keeping you up late into the night.

The Patch Brand energy

(via The Patch Brand)


Sleep Patch

Last, but definitely not least, is the Sleep patch, which (like the Stress Relief patch) contains valerian root, passionflower and vitamin B2, but instead also includes melatonin. I'm also not the biggest fan of most melatonin supplements, as they rarely seem to help me get to sleep faster and leave me groggy in the morning, but I had no such issue with these patches. I just apply a patch two to four hours before bed (I like to stick closer to the four-hour side, if I can remember), and I've found that I have an easier time falling asleep more quickly, that I sleep more deeply—without randomly waking up—and even seem to have more restful dreams. Then, I remove it first thing in the morning. My sleep has benefitted from these in a big way, and I've also loved how I feel when this patch is combined with the Stress Relief patch.

The Patch Brand sleep

(via The Patch Brand)


Bottom Line

If you're looking for a new way to get the vitamins you need to get through your everyday life, I highly recommend The Patch Brand. While I can't speak directly for the Immunity patch, I know the other four work wonders, with results you can feel within an hour. These have become must-haves for me—and as soon as I got close to running out of Sleep patches, I actually subscribed to get Sleep, Focus and Energy patches delivered to me every month. They're that good.


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