The Short Game Movie Review- Sweety High

The Short Game is a hilarious and enlightening documentary focusing on eight of the best 7 and 8-year-old golfers in the world. If you think golf is a bore, this movie is going to change your mind.The Short Game Review

Every August, the best kid golfers from all around the world gather in Pinehurst, North Carolina to compete for the championship. 1500 golfers from 60 countries tee up against other golfers in their age and gender division and try to prove their mettle!

The Short Game focuses on eight of those golfers from five countries, each with the goal of becoming their division champion. In a movie where the bad guy is the game of golf, each of these kid protagonists has qualities that make it tough not to cheer them on.

The game is more about the kids and their unique relationships with golf than it is a traditional sports movie. None of the kids are forced to play golf by their parents. Instead, passion drives them. The kids are the ones determined to not let their parents take a break from daily practice.

The movie also highlights kid-parent relationships, especially when the dads are "daddy caddies" on the field with their kids, acting as a part-time mentor as well as a dad.

But the best part about the movie is that, even with all of the pressure of the tournament on them, they manage to remain kids.  They're not bogged down by anything but the game, and the expectations that come from being a potential golf champion.

Even more, the kids are adorable and hilarious, speaking without much of a filter.

Somehow, the stories of these eight amazing children come together into one perfectly blended story about overcoming all odds to be a young gold champ.

The film appears in select theaters on September 20. Check out bios of the stars of the movie below the trailer!

8-year-old Amari Avery admires Tiger Woods and has adopted the nickname "Tigress." She and Tiger share a birthday, were born in the same county, and both come from Black/Asian ancestry. These similarities convince Amari she was born to win, making things tough when things don't go perfectly. Throughout the film, she and her father struggle with keeping their emotions in check when the championship is on the line!

Jed Dy is a 7-year-old from the Philippines, nicknamed "Jedi," is incredibly shy until he hits the golf course. He is obsessed with the game, and one of the main contenders in his division. His main adversary is the gregarious Allan Kournikova, but for Jed, fate will play an ever bigger role in the outcome of this game.

Allan Kournikova is the 7-year-old younger brother of the famous tennis player Anna Kournikova. His family understands what it takes to be a sports star, and he's no stranger to the spotlight, which shines through in his outgoing and hilarious personality. He's certainly not afraid to speak his mind. There's little doubt he'll be just as famous as his big sister someday.

Zamokuhle Nxasana is a cheerful 8-year-old from South Africa. When you see his father, you can see where he got his sunny disposition and giant smile. Zama is returning for his second year at Pinehurst, and his main goal is just to have a good time and see how much better he can do this year!

7-year-old Alexa Pano has won the championship at Pinehurst in her age division twice before she sets out to get her third. She trains daily with father, and has set big goals for herself.

"I want to be the first woman to play a tournament at Augusta because girls are just as good as boys," Alexa explains toward the beginning of the film. We're just counting the days until it happens!

8-year-old Sky Sudberry is small, but what she lacks in power she makes up for in precision and passion for the game. Even if she can't hit the ball as hard as the other girls, she's still a force to be reckoned with. Sky is proof that kid pro golfers can have a life outside of golf with her love of Wii dancing games and giant collection of stuffed rabbits.

Augustin Valery is an 8-year-old from Paris, France, and great-grandson of the famous French poet Paul Valerie. The film makes it clear that Augustin's family strives for perfection, but that bar may be tough to live up to!

7-year-old Kuang Yang was first introduced to golf when he was 2 years old. He picked out a DVD at the store, thinking it was a cartoon. Instead, it was an instructional golf DVD. Ever since, Kuang has been a lover of golf, and strives to learn everything there is to know about the sport.