The Skinny On Body Image, Starring Cimorelli!

A new video called "The Skinny On Body Image", directed by Girl Scout Jessica Carr, stars Cimorelli in a very personal piece in which they discuss body image, self-esteem, and loving your body! You can view the video here.

The video features not just the Cimorelli sisters, but also real students as well as Jess Weiner, contributing editor for Seventeen Magazine and creator of the "Body Peace" column, which encourages readers to be at peace with their bodies.

Real girls share their own stories of struggling with body image and low self-esteem, as well as overcoming stereotypes to love and embrace who they are.

Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren and Dani of Cimorelli also talk about their own experiences of feeling different, and feeling like they needed to change. Today, they understand that their differences are what make them unique!

"As soon as we really got into the music business in about 2010, there was immediately people telling us we need to change," Christina says in the video.

Most models are skinner than 98% of American women, and only 4% of girls consider themselves beautiful.

A lot of the problem has to do with the media, and the pressure they put on girls to look a certain way.

"It's a big problem, and girls don't realize in photo shoots and stuff, they have a whole team of people doing their hair and their makeup and picking out their clothes, and making sure they're at the right angle to look a certain way," Lisa explains. "They don't even really look like that in real life after all the editing. I think that's another way that girls are affected."

Girls are expected to be a certain weight and look a certain way, when they should love the way they are.

"I finally woke up and realized that the way that I was is just the way that I was born to be and if I don't learn to love it, I'm just going to live my life hating it," Katherine said. "There's absolutely no point in that."

We love the message that Cimorelli are spreading!

What are your thoughts on body image in the media? Join us at Sweety High and tell us how you embrace they way you are!