The Strangest Beauty Trends of 2018… So Far

We're halfway through 2018 and the beauty gods have already racked up a plethora of interesting trends that have set social media ablaze.

Here at Sweety High, we're always up for a beauty challenge, but some of these were even too crazy for us to test out. Below, the strangest trends the beauty world has given us so far this year:

Holographic Lips

You can now transform yourself into a sparkly lil unicorn with holographic lipstick and gloss. So many brands are popping up with different versions of this iridescent shade—will you wear it?

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Rainbow Eyes

We predicted this trend well over a year ago, but rainbow eyeshadow has really taken off. This pretty multi-hue look is perfect for showing your pride all year round.

Hanacure Mask

A mask that makes you look older (and not in the good way)?! Count us out. However, the Hanacure mask only makes you look old and crazy for a few minutes. After using the mask, it reveals smoother, tighter, brighter skin. Worth it? Absolutely.

Pipe Braids

Step aside french braids and fishtails, the pipe braid is moving in. This intricate rope braid requires advanced to expert skills, but looks mega cool when twisted in with a thin piece of ribbon.

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A post shared by Ruslan Nureev (@hairbyruslan) on

Tattoo Stamps

A little strange but oh-so-cute, tattoo stamps are among our fave of the whacky trends popping up right now. Perfect for summer and festival season, these give you the cool points without the commitment.

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A post shared by Milk Makeup (@milkmakeup) on

Odd-Shaped Eyebrows aka 'Halo Brows'

Watch out Frieda Kahalo, the halo brow is comin' for your iconic brows! The Halo Brow is just like it sounds, a halo above your brows. The look is simple, but packs a major punch. Not going to lie, we've collectively decided to sit this one out.

Graphic Eyeliner

Gone are the days of lining your lids with liner—2018 is all about taking your eyeliner to new heights, literally. Graphic, futuristic liner has been popping up everywhere and we're a fan of the Beatnik-made-modern look.

Fishtail Brows

If Huda Beauty is doing it, you know it's major. But should you try it at home? We're not sold. The fishtail brow trend has picked up steam, but we're undecided if this look is cute or just plain weird.

Mellow Yellow Lids

It is safe to say 2018 is the year of all things yellow. From mustard tops and trousers to canary yellow lids, everything appears to be coated in this sunny shade. While splashing yellow across your eyes might seem crazy, we tried out an eyeliner version of this look and were quite pleased.


A not-so-strange beauty trend that we're loving? THIS super hydrating Bosica Cactus Water moisturizer.