31 Quotes From The Summer I Turned Pretty That Make Great Instagram Captions

If you've already binged Season 1 of The Summer I Turned Pretty on Amazon Prime, we are right there with you.

Based on the series of books by Jenny Han, this coming-of-age story is a must for fans of sappy rom-coms. From first loves to new friendships, this is a show we think everyone can get behind. Feel like showing off your love for The Summer I Turned Pretty? Use one of these quotes from the show as your next Instagram caption!

For when your life doesn't start until the summer:

"Winters are simply a time to count the weeks until the next summer."



For when you're reading The Summer I Turned Pretty:

"For Belly, Conrad is the sun. And when the sun comes out, the stars disappear."



For when you're having an amazing summer:

"I thought this summer was gonna be like all the other summers. But it's not."



For when you're visiting your friend at his summer job:

"My boy's gotta get that bread."



For when you're force-cuddling your dog:

"I don't want you to need me. I want you to want me."



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For when you're wearing a super poofy dress:

"She looks like a princess." "She looks like a tooth fairy."

Susannah and Laurel


For when you're trying out a new hairstyle:

"Tell me the truth. Do I look like a fool?"



For when you're stuffing your face with food:

"She's our feral little alley cat."



For when all of your dreams are coming true:

"In this moment I realized if this can happen, maybe anything can."



For when your friend dressed you for a night out:

"You finally took my advice. This outfit is snatched."



For when you're wearing an infinity-style piece of jewelry:

"At least he remembered infinity."



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For when you get contacts:

"I liked you better with glasses."



For when you're smooching a crying baby:

"I wondered if it was possible to take someone's pain away with a kiss."



For when you and your vegan S.O. are kissing:

"You don't mind if her lips touch a dead animal? And those dead animal lips touch your lips?"



For when you're living an unforgettable summer:

"It was a summer I would never, ever forget. It was the summer everything began. It was the summer I turned pretty."



For when your bestie is always making you laugh:

"I love you so much, but you're ridiculous."



For when you have a summer love:

"The way I feel right now… this is what everyone talks about."



For when you and your best friend are living life:

"Will you just promise me one thing? We'll always be best friends."



For when you're not into anything serious:

"What's the harm in a little summer fling? Live a little."



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For when you're ready to make a change:

"Things change, whether you want them to or not. So maybe I'll change, too."



For when you and your sibling are always fighting:

"Why do you keep leaving your hair on the shower wall?"



For when you're lifeguarding this summer:

"You should have been a lifeguard with me. Hardly anyone drowns!"



For when your crush is always on your mind:

"Admit it, you knew what you were doing… reminding me that you existed."



For when you and your bestie always have each other's backs:

"You know boys might come and go, but a best friend is once in a lifetime."



For when you live for the summer:

"My whole life was measured in summers. Like… I don't really begin living until June."



For when you have a big event you're looking forward to:

"I just really want to look good next to you."



For when you and your S.O. get an adorable photo together:

"This could be my summer wish. This night, this boy."



For when you've just eaten everything in sight and have to put on a bathing suit:

"You don't have to hold everything in all the time."



For when you love summer naps:

"Even my dream life is complicated."



For when love frightens you a little:

"Isn't love supposed to be a little scary?"



For when you end up with the person you've been pining over:

"My whole life, it's always been you."



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