The Top Seven Pretty Little Liars Spoilers You Need to Know

Last week was a suspenseful episode of Pretty Little Liars where the existence of "A" was shared with Dr. Sullivan, who, later in the episode mysteriously disappeared. We all know "A" is not going to let the girls get away with it, but what other secrets does she have up her sleeve!

J-14 shares the top seven spoilers that you need to know about the Pretty Little Liars mid-season finale?

1. "A"  holds Emily hostage and assigns a task to each of the girls to complete. If the girls don't complete the assignment, "A" will punish Emily.

2. Things might just go in Hanna's favor when "A" meddle's in the upcoming wedding.

3. Someone besides "A" may be threatening Aria and Ezra's forbidden relationship.

4. Guess who's back? If you guessed Caleb, you're right!

5. There will be some sort of mud fight….in formal attire.

6. "A" might be getting jealous of Toby and Spencer's relationship so they better watch their backs!

7. The N.A.T. club is still up and running but up to no good!

Tune in tonight for the mid-season finale at 8/9c on ABC Family.