The Truth About 'Lucky Girl Syndrome'

There seems to be a new trend on TikTok on the daily, but there is one in particular that's currently surging in popularity: "Lucky Girl Syndrome."

The Origin of 'Lucky Girl Syndrome'

The idea of "Lucky Girl Syndrome" is that, through positive thinking, you'll create positive results. This concept has a lot of similarities with the "Law of Attraction" or the practice of manifesting. Laura Galebe, a 22-year-old content creator, coined the term "Lucky Girl Syndrome" to refer to the power of these affirmations. In a video that now has well over 3 million views, she tells viewers to "Try being delusional for a month." But could this trend do more harm than good?

@lauragalebe The secret is to assume and believe it before the concrete proof shows up. BE DELUSIONAL. #bedelusional #luckygirlsyndrome #affirmations #lawofassumption #manifestationtiktok #manifestingtok #lawofassumptiontok #manifestation ♬ original sound – Laura Galebe

The Researched-Backed Evidence

According to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, also known as CBT, by substituting maladaptive ways of thinking, feeling and behaving for healthier alternatives, you will be able to develop more positive thought patterns. The goal of CBT is to break the negative cycles that some have become accustomed to. From a spiritual standpoint, there is power in "talking things into fruition." This is why you may often hear about the importance of manifesting and saying positive affirmations to yourself. We all wish to have our hopes come to fruition just by speaking them, but the truth is that unless there are actionable steps behind the words, these affirmations tend to be weightless.


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Another Influencer Behind The Trend

Although Laura Galebe is credited with giving a name to this popular phenomenon, she is not the only influencer who has been pushing this concept. One content creator in particular, Francesca (aka @limitlessliving_fit), has been talking about the power of positive thinking and manifesting your affirmations for years. She even holds a Manifestation Masterclass and helps guide her followers to access their intuition. Her powerful saying, "we learn, we unlearn, relearn and keep evolving," proves that self-development is an ongoing process and journey.


Think it. Say it. Embody it. Become it.

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The Negatives

While positive thinking does have its time and place, there will be many times in life when things will be completely out of our control. It is also important to recognize that there is a privilege that comes with just being able to think things into fruition. People are not always in a position where they have the resources or the generational wealth to create opportunities for themselves. There is a danger behind believing you can simply think your way out of negative circumstances. This trend also seems to ignore the systemic biases that people often face. "Lucky Girl Syndrome" is a delusion not afforded to all. The idea that "life will be fair if you say it is" is harmful and does not keep in mind those in less privileged situations. It is naturally easier for good things to come into fruition when you have innate advantages in society. Everyone can strike luck from time to time, but to consider all your good fortune a result of positive thinking, is a fallacy.

"Lucky Girl Syndrome" can be a tool to help you have a positive outlook on life, but if not done correctly, can lead to toxic positivity. That means having a constant positive outlook on life—and insisting everyone else does so too—even if it means denying your own stress or a difficult situation. In doing so, people can wind up ignoring their emotions and allowing things to get worse, rather than processing their feelings, acknowledging a negative situation and then coming up with a solution. It's important to remember that it's okay to not be okay. Allowing yourself the space to be upset and deal with your emotions is an essential part of self-development.


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