Hilarious Quotes From The Umbrella Academy to Use as Your Next Instagram Caption

The Umbrella Academy recently dropped a second season on Netflix, somehow managing to be even more hilarious, shocking and heart-wrenching than the first.

In a series packed with superheroes, talking chimps, ghosts and time travel, it's no surprise that the show is also full of unusual—and endlessly quotable—dialogue, and we can't get enough of it. Keep scrolling for a few of our very favorite lines from the show that double as great Instagram captions.

For when you're so mad you don't even know what to do with yourself:

"Where would you say you are on a scale from one to… ending all life on this planet?"

-Diego Hargreeves


For when you finally set aside the time to take part in some self-care:

"We're all looking for happy."

-The Handler


For when confidence brings you exactly what you've always wanted:

"If you believe in yourself, just once, great things are gonna happen for you."

-Vanya Hargreeves

The Umbrella Academy: Vanya Hargreeves glow

(The Umbrella Academy via Netflix)


For day 1000 of staring out the window, stuck in quarantine:

"We didn't choose this life. We're just living it."

-Number Five


For when letting go of something actually allows you to feel free and fulfilled:

"Chasing something unattainable is a recipe for a lifetime of disappointment and resentment."

-Sir Reginald Hargreeves


For when you finally do realize you have what you want:

"Sometimes what you want's right in front of you. By the time you realize it, it's too late."



For when the peace and quiet alone in your room has become unbearable:

"Eternal peace is probably overrated."

-Klaus Hargreeves

The Umbrella Academy: Perms

(The Umbrella Academy via Netflix)


For the pic with that person you can trust with absolutely anything:

"I think maybe you're the only person who really knows who I am and still likes me anyway."

-Allison Hargreeves


For the best friend you care about more than anyone else in the world:

"Is it okay that I don't hate you like most people?"

-Lila Pitts


For that weird, out-of-focus pic in your camera roll that stirs something in your soul:

"Sometimes there's beauty in the mundane, you know?"


The Umbrella Academy: Season 2 cast image

(The Umbrella Academy via Netflix)


For the family photo that shows what you can all accomplish together:

"The ties that bind you together make you stronger than you are alone."

-Sir Reginald Hargreeves


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