The Vamps Chat Touring, Music and More!

The Vamps is an English band consisting of teens Bradley Simpson, James McVey, Connor Ball, Tristan Evans. We spoke with them recently about singles, upcoming tours, and what The Vamps is all about!The Vamps

Guitarist James McVey was the first member of The Vamps. He discovered future lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Bradley Simpson on YouTube through his covers of artists including The Specials and Ed Sheeran.

Later, the two discovered Tristan Evans through his drum covers, and bassist Connor Ball's acoustic tracks.

Earlier this year, The Vamps released their first ever official music video for their hit single "Can We Dance."

"We went to New York to go into a studio for recording and writing," the band explained. "There was this idea, so then we went in, jammed out, and out came 'Can We Dance'!"

The track even made it to number 2 in the U.K. iTunes charts!

But The Vamps aren't your run-of-the-mill boy band.

"I think in terms of 'boy groups', since we play our own instruments, it gives our music a slightly different feel," the boys explained. "We came together as a band through playing instruments, so we want to keep that a major focus in our music."

One of the most memorable moments for The Vamps was to play at Wembley Stadium, a massive football stadium and music venue in London that can hold up to 90,000 people!

"Playing Wembley Stadium was incredible for all of us because its been a dream for us to play venues even a quarter of that size, so it's just crazy!" they said.

The band will also be supporting Taylor Swift on five London shows in February for her upcoming Red tour!

"James was in awe," the band said. "He likes Taylor Swift a lot. But we are all so happy to support her. She is such a talented entertainer – it's gonna be great!"

The Vamps are currently at work on their upcoming single, which they plan to release before the end of the year.

"Our first album will be ready around Easter 2014!" they said. "Stay tuned for some new music!"

We're also obsessed with The Vamps' festive new take on "Silent Night"! Check it out below!
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