The Vamps Turn Into Magical Pants Pranksters In PSA!

British pop band The Vamps become the Pants Pranksters in the latest PSA for's Teens For Jeans campaign!the vamps the pants pranksters ttesnf for jeans

Powered by Aéropostale, Teens for Jeans holds drives to benefit the more than a million young people who experience homelessness in the United States every year. Their most requested item? A pair of blue jeans. 

In the PSA, The Vamps star as superheroes called the Pants Pranksters, with the power to teleport people's pants to donate to a good cause! It general, it's not a great power, but it's perfect for Teens For Jeans!

Do you have an extra pair of unwanted jeans? Put it to good use by making a donation and help someone who needs it!

By taking part, you can even win a $10,000 or a chance for The Vamps to perform at your school!

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