Rock Band The Warning Reveals the True Meaning Behind Their Emotional New Track 'CHOKE'

Sisters Daniela, Paulina and Alejandra Villarreal make up the Mexican rock band The Warning, and if you're not already a fan, you need to give these ladies a listen.

The band's emotional new single "CHOKE" released in May, and we've had it in heavy rotation ever since. The relatable track is about feeling overwhelmed by your emotions, as well as learning how to come to terms with them, with a powerful and anthemic sound that inspires us to do the same.

It was love at first listen, so we had to discover more about the band and how this stellar song came to be. The Warning was kind enough to tell us all about it and share their own journey of learning to embrace their emotions.

Sweety High: What are each of your roles within the band?

Dany: Guitar player, lead vocals and background vocals (oldest sister)

Pau: Drummer, lead vocals and background vocals (middle sister)

Ale: Bass player and background vocals (youngest sister)


SH: What was the songwriting process behind "CHOKE"?

The Warning: The song was born in 2019 while Dany showed Pau a melody and some lyrics that she had. Then Pau proceeded to take that melody and jammed with it on the piano with the idea to express a certain feeling of tension and helplessness throughout the music and lyrics. Finally, the three of us got together and worked on the bass, guitar and drums, and since we are very opinionated, we are present throughout all of those details and little arrangements.


SH: What does the song mean to the band? Was it inspired by a specific instance or event?

The Warning: The song means a lot to us because it was a turning point where we started to write about more personal experiences and feelings. It also became the first single of a new era of our music. And there is not an specific event that inspired this song but more of an overall experience with certain feelings.


SH: How do you all, personally, deal with overwhelming feelings?

Pau: I personally search for healthy outlets for these feelings, in my case, I write songs about them which is a very therapeutic experience for me.

Dany: I think to a certain point, all of us do the same thing as Pau—but in my case, I try to search for music that can be there for me when I am feeling a certain way. I am eternally grateful for music and musicians for creating that comfort for people and that's my biggest motivation to do what we to do.

Ale: Yes! I'm the same and I listen to music wherever I feel the need to let something out.


SH: Do you have any advice for coming to terms with and accepting your emotions?

The Warning: Honestly, we are still learning and we think we'll always be because it requires hard work to deal with all the things that we feel throughout our lives. But if we had to say something, we think it's very important to be honest with oneself and try to be very conscious of our feelings and to not shun them away. Instead, accept them for what they are and try to work on them a little bit every day! We are all human and are perfectly imperfect.


SH: What is your favorite lyric from the track?

Pau: "Wear your tears like jewelry."

Dany: Ooh! Mine's "It's cold but this is where I'll stay, comfortably in pain."

Ale: "Like a machine every day I'm on hold, breathe in, breathe out."


SH: Is there anything else you want people to know about the song?

The Warning: We are very proud of it and hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed creating it!


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