If you watched the last season of Glee, you know that Mr. Schuester and Sue Sylvester are no longer enemies!

Who’s Sue going to torment now? Glee executive producer, Ryan Murphy, has got the answer!

“The winner of The Glee Project is the person who she hates the most in the history of the show,” revealed Murphy exclusively to TVGuide.com.

Looks like Sue will have a lot on her plate next season! Not only will she get a new arch nemisis, but TVGuide.com is also reporting that she gets a new love interest and is also running for Congress!

Murphy had the following to say about the winner of the show:

“The person that won, for me, the reason why I chose them was because they had the exact same thing that Lea Michele has, that Chris Colfer has, that Darren Criss has, which is they are a star and I want to write for them,” said Murphy.

He continued to say, “They just inspired me and they inspired the rest of the regulars of the Glee cast, many of whom were mentors during the show. I would go to them and I would say, ‘Help me cast this. What do you guys think?'”

Ryan Murphy also says that the winner was totally unexpected! “The person that we chose is not who I think everybody thinks it is,” Murphy says. “The person that won was not the person I thought would win going in.”

We are going crazy trying to figure out who the arch nemesis will be!

Could it be feisty Emily or rocker Samuel?

Tell us who you think is going to be the winner of ‘The Glee Project,’ and Sue Sylvester’s new arch nemesis!