These Quotes From Season 2 of The Witcher Make Great Instagram Captions

If you watched season one of The Witcher when it came out two years ago on Netflix, we're sure you've been counting down the days until the release of the second season.

And guess what? Today, Dec. 17, season two of The Witcher is finally here! It was 100% worth the wait and we couldn't be happier with the outcome of the show. From Geralt of Rivia to Yennefer, Ciri and more, everyone's favorite characters make a return to the big screen. Feel like showing off your love for the show? Look below for some of our favorite quotes from season two of The Witcher that also make great Instagram captions.

For when you're going on a long hike:

"Don't flatter yourself. I'm saving me."



For that picture of the fire you made while camping:

"Hesitation will draw danger to you like fire."



For that beautiful picture of the sky:

"Sometimes we assume the worst because we fear to hope."



For when you're trying to be artsy:

"Monsters are more than just horrid looks, and claws, and teeth. Monsters are born of deeds done. Unforgiveable ones."



For that picture of you eating pizza:

"Without it, I'm nothing. I'm stumbling through darkness."



For when you're determined to crush your goals:

"There's time to stand still, and there's time to keep moving."



For that pic of you on a run:

"Fear is an illness. If you catch it, and you leave it untreated, it can consume you."



For when you're dancing your heart out:

"She has abandoned all rules of Chaos."



For that pic of you eating bacon:

"He has the social graces of a wild boar."



For when you and your bestie are up to no good:

"It's as if she's determined to do the opposite of the thing that'll keep her safe. Verbose when I need her to be quiet. Stubborn and sullen when I need her to talk."



For when you're about to go on a solo adventure:

"You can either be too strong to fail or too weak to try."



For when you finally get to the end-zone of your goal:

"The path to true strength lies not in humble faith, but in believing in oneself… and seizing one's destiny."



For when you're about to feast:

"Your stomach's growling loud enough to wake the dead."



For when the long weekend ends:

"Chaos appears to be done with me."



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