The X Factor 80s Week and Double Elimination!

Sweety High returned for The X Factor 80s week with our favorite X Factor contestants and judges, plus Fifth Harmony!The X Factor 80s Week

Contestants Restless Road, Alex & Sierra, Khaya Cohen and more chat big hair 80s inspiration in our latest episode!

Fans also had to deal with a crushing double elimination, sending home fan favorites Sweet Suspense and Rachel Potter.

We were so sad to see Sweet Suspense go home, but we know that big things are on the horizon for this sweet girl group!

Also watch as Fifth Harmony perform "Me & My Girls" in their pajamas, chat touring with Demi Lovato on her "Neon Lights" tour, and give some "Miss Movin' On" advice!

What did your X Factor acts have to say about the events of the week? Just watch below to find out!

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