The Young Elites By Marie Lu Will Tantalize Fantasy Fans!

The Young Elites by Marie Lu is a story of distrust in others and distrust of yourself, and it's sure to leave fantasy fans begging for more!the young elites marie lu book review

"Once upon a winter
I met a man in the woods
The man beckoned me over
To see a satchel of goods
He offered three wishes
I asked for beauty, love, riches
And he froze me in stone where I stood"

Adelina Amouteru lives in a cruel world. When she was a child, a plague devastated her people, killing nearly every adult it touched. Some children afflicted by the disease were lucky to survive but ended up marked with signs of their illness. For Adelina, these marks include silver hair and a nasty scar where her left eye used to be. Now a teenager, Adelina must face the trials and isolation that comes from being a malfetto, a hateful name given to children marked by the plague.

But things are changing. Malfettos everywhere are gaining magical powers, and a group known as The Young Elites are joining together to end the segregation of malfetto children. Adelina wants to be one of them, and their leader, Enzo, a handsome man with unnaturally crimson hair and the ability to create white hot flames, has taken an interest in her. Unfortunately, The Young Elites are reluctant to trust newcomers, and Adelina is looked upon with doubt from all sides.

On top of that, Adelina has landed in the path of Teren, a man working for the queen and determined to put an end to all malfetto children. Adelina finds herself torn between the malfetto rebellion, loyalty to her sister, and the darkness that threatens to rise up and take over as Adelina remains isolated from the people in her world.

"Trust is when we plummet into the depths of an abyss and reach out for each other's hands."

The Young Elites' Adelina is a wonderful heroine. She has lived a life with little love thrown her way and dealt with cruelty at every turn. These hardships have made Adelina bitter and furious inside, which she struggles to control every day. She is a conflicted character many girls will quickly identify with.

While still beautiful, Adelina lives with several flaws. She has deep scars, both physical and emotional, which is rare in a modern female protagonist. Adelina must accept her faults and learn to use them to her advantage. She's a breath of fresh air after reading about so many perfect and beautiful heroines who are nearly impossible to relate to.

Readers will wish they could sit down and have a conversation with each ofThe Young Elites'  richly painted characters. The malfetto children's powers are exciting to read about and leave you wondering what other terrifying abilities will arise in the brilliant world Marie Lu has created. After controlling the minds of animals, conjuring fire, and creating vivid illusions, what more will these children be able to do?

This new novel looks to be the start of another wonderful series that fans of Marie Lu's Legend series will absolutely devour. The Young Elites was released earlier this month and is already generating a great deal of praise. We recommend this novel to anyone looking for an exciting, action-packed read this fall. The only bad news is we will have to wait to see where Adelina takes us next!

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