7 Stars Who Are Perfect Examples Of Their Zodiac Signs

Sweety High's latest Zodiac contest is all about Stan Lee's graphic novel The Zodiac Legacy. In the story, a boy named Steven must take on twelve magic superpowers influenced by each of the signs of the Zodiac after they are unleashed on the world. You can enter here!   7 Celebrity Horoscopes: Harry Styles, Chloe Moretz, Ansel Elgort, Liam Hemsowrth, Jennifer Lawrence, Evanna Lynch, Taylor Swift

To enter, snap and share a photo inspired by your Zodiac sign and upload it on the contest page. If you need any help, we've located some fantastic celebrity examples for inspiration.

Harry Styles' Zodiac sign is Aquarius, the water bearer. In this photo, he appropriately becomes a water bottle bearer.

Harry Styles with a water bottle: the aquarius water bearer

(via Tumblr)

Chloe Moretz, also an Aquarius, lived up to her sign and took the ALS ice bucket challenge.

Chloe Moretz takes the ALS ice bucket challenge: aquarius the water bearer

(via The Daily Mail)

Ansel Elgort is a Pisces, whose symbol is the fish. In this snapshot he shows off an impressive catch.

Ansel Elgory catches a fish: Pisces the fish

(via KD Hamptions)

Leo Liam Hemsworth's Zodiac animal is the lion, and this photoshoot for Bench clothing put the two in very close proximity.

Leo Liam Hemsworth with a lion

(via The Daily Mail)

Liam's Hunger Games costar and fellow Leo Jennifer Lawrence is the perfect stand-in for the MGM lion.

Leo Jennifer Lawrence as the MGM lion

(via BuzzFeed)

Harry Potter star Evanna Lynch also let out her inner Leo in the film by dressing like a lion.

Harry Potter's Evanna Lynch as a lion in the movie

(via Wallpapers87)

Taylor Swift is a Sagittarius. Technically, their animal is a centaur, but since those don't exist, this photo of Taylor with a horse works nicely. 

Sagittarius Taylor Swift with a horse

(via Oh No They Didn't)

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