In Serious Need of a Self-Care Sesh? Therabox Has Everything You Need to Get Started

If you're in desperate need of pampering, the last thing you want to do is loads of research on the best products for practicing self-care.

That's precisely where Therabox comes in. This monthly subscription box is all about self-love and self-care, focusing on products that enhance joy, from relaxing beauty products to goodies that generate happiness from the inside out.

When the team behind Therabox reached out to me, I just had to give a box a try, and here's my honest review of my experience.

The Brand

Therabox is a subscription box made specifically for women in need of a little self-care. Every item in every box is intentionally chosen to curate joy, based on the mantra that happiness isn't a destination, but the journey itself. That's why each one is packed with goodies to help you shower yourself with self-care.

With this subscription, every new monthly box has a different theme. That means you'll never have to worry about getting bored of the same old items month after month, and you get to experience new brands and products with each box that arrives.

For my review, I was sent February's "Self-Love Affair" box, featuring eight great items. Boxes are available on an individual basis for $39.99 each, or you can commit for longer periods for discounts, all the way up to prepaying for a year to get each box for just $34.99 per month, with the value of each box highly exceeding its price.


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The Box

Minimo Majestic Ayurvedic Hair Growth Serum

The first item in my box was Minimo's Majestic Ayurvedic Hair Growth Serum, with organic and Ayurvedic herbal ingredients designed to nourish hair with additional shine while stimulating growth. You can apply it to the roots to strengthen hair, reduce shedding and heal itchy scalps. Since my hair is naturally a little greasy and very dark, I only apply the smallest amount to get the results I want without looking too sleek and shiny. I'm not sure if my hair is exactly growing back thicker or fuller, as it's already quite thick, but I do love its deliciously sweet and lightly spiced scent.

Minimo Majestic Ayurvedic Hair Growth Serum

(via Minimo)


Balanse NYC Body Oil Spray

love body oils, and while many can be inconvenient to apply, this one from Balanse NYC comes in a spray bottle to make application effortless. It has a super clean scent, with a hint of lavender, and leaves my skin super hydrated while smoothing and soothing with a combination of natural oils and vitamin E. Body oils are also great for things like scar and sunburn reduction, and this one has great ingredients that won't irritate your skin.

Balanse NYC Body Oil Spray

(via Balanse NYC)


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Willow Collective Chic Bag Holder

Now, this is a handy-dandy tool I didn't even know I needed. This unique bag holder has a gripping surface so you can turn anything from dining tables to bathroom counters into a convenient (and clean) holder for your bag. It's small enough to carry in the bag itself, making it super convenient, and what's cuter than the chic and sassy face design, with her huge sunnies, red lips and her hair in a bun?

Willow Collective Chic Bag Holder

(via Therabox)


NCLA So Rich – Love Potion Cuticle Oil

I haven't been paying much attention to my nails lately, so my nail beds have definitely seen better days, but this awesome cuticle oil from NCLA has helped a ton. With safflower seed oil and vitamin E, it's super nourishing for both the nails and the surrounding skin and has done wonders for my hangnails. Plus, the dropper makes it easy to apply only as much as you need, every time.

NCLA So Rich - Love Potion Cuticle Oil

(via NCLA)


Mirabella Beauty Prime for Lips Sugar Lip Exfoliator

While I've sworn off most sugar lip scrubs, finding that they're a little too abrasive for my sensitive lips and that they do more harm than good, I just had to try this exfoliator from Mirabella Beauty, and it's kind of a game-changer. It comes in a lipstick tube, making it really easy to apply on lips, and has a rich, moisturizing formula that soothes as it exfoliates, so it never leaves me feeling like it's damaged my lips. While I could use other sugar scrubs maybe once a week, I use this every other day, and my lips have never felt better.

Mirabella Beauty Prime for Lips Sugar Lip Exfoliator

(via Mirabella Beauty)


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VeraWella Pure Happiness Capsules

VeraWella's Pure Happiness capsules are supplements designed to support a positive mood, and maybe it's just my imagination, but this blend works. I already take a magnesium supplement because of the role it plays in serotonin production and sleep, but the addition of St. John's wort, 5HTP, ginkgo biloba and turmeric extract seem to go the extra mile to promote wellbeing, and when I take these during the day, I just feel better.

VeraWella Pure Happiness Capsules

(via VeraWella)


Symbiosis Prestige Tightening & Resplendent Eye Mask

I've been using under-eye creams for years now as part of my twice-a-day skincare routine, but I'm not sure if I've ever used one quite as effective as this one from Symbiosis London. It contains both hyaluronic acid and pullulan to hydrate skin and improve its texture, making my undereye bags disappear in a flash. It's also worth noting that this mask regularly retails for $93, making its inclusion in this $39.99 box a deal.

Symbiosis Prestige Tightening & Resplendent Eye Mask

(via Symbiosis London)


Willow Collective 'BE' Paperweight + Inspirational Card Set

And last, but certainly not least, is this cute "BE" Paperweight + Inspirational Card Set from Willow Collective. It comes with 22 double-sided cards printed with sweet inspirational messages and questions to ask yourself to remind you what matters and get your happiness back on track. The paperweight itself is also adorable, and instead of using it to hold the cards, I have it hold things like personal reminders to help me with my own little moments of mindfulness.

Willow Collective 'BE' Paperweight + Inspirational Card Set

(via Willow Collective)


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Bottom Line

Based on my experience, I love Therabox and the service they're offering. The eight items in the box I received contained a great blend of unique beauty goodies and wellness products, and I loved that it's not all bubble bath and bath bombs, because while those definitely have a place in my self-care routine, other boxes already have that angle covered. With the products in my box retailing for more than $240 in total, it was more than worth the investment, and Therabox really makes an awesome gift for someone you care about—or yourself.


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