6 Things All Aquarius Need to Have in a Successful Relationship

Aquarius is easily one of the most intriguing zodiac signs.

They're social and easy to get along with, but they also tend to shy away from emotional expression or true vulnerability. Needless to say, that can make it pretty hard to build a lasting relationship with this intellectual air sign.

However, Aquarians are more than capable of having a thriving romance—they just need a few things to make their partnerships a success.

Keep scrolling for six things all Aquarians need to have to in a successful relationship.

Interesting Conversation

Like all air signs, Aquarius is driven by intellect. They're deep thinkers who are curious about the world around them, so more than anything they're drawn to interesting conversation with fascinating people. An Aquarius needs mental stimulation, so it's unlikely that their relationship will ever be successful if they're not compatible with their partner on an intellectual level. They need a partner who they can bounce their ideas off of and gain a new perspective from, otherwise they're guaranteed to become bored and pull away from the relationship.



Aquarius is a sign that is very socially minded, but they also crave their alone time. Beyond the fact that they need space to recharge and prepare to face the world again, they're also very sensitive to feeling limited or constrained in any way. They value human independence and autonomy, so they need to have a sense of freedom in their relationships. If they feel that they're being forced into a situation or that what they want is being restricted, they will pull away from the romance without a second thought.



Although Aquarians desire freedom in a relationship, their need for independence should not be confused with a lack of loyalty. They crave consistency and commitment in their relationships and refuse to put up with people who they don't feel can be counted on. If they want to have a successful relationship, they need to feel that they can unconditionally rely on their partner, both physically and emotionally.

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Despite their generally easy-going personality, Aquarius isn't the easiest sign to have a relationship with. They tend to be very rigid in their beliefs, they struggle to connect on an emotional level and they can become very difficult to deal with if they feel they're being disrespected. More than anything, an Aquarius needs patience in order to have a successful relationship. They're very committed, loving partners, but an S.O. who becomes easily frustrated or tries to impose their own agenda too forcefully will only lead to a unhealthy relationship filled with arguments and frustration.



Aquarius is known for the humanitarian nature of their sign. They're adaptable people who seek to help everyone around them and fight for freedom and equality for all. Therefore, they need a compassionate partner who can understand and encourage their progressive mindset. Someone who seeks to help those around them will be very attractive to an Aquarius, and a partnership based in compassionate will have plenty of benefits for the people involved, and for anyone who gets the pleasure of interacting with them.

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Despite their emotional shortcomings, Aquarius is a fun-loving, energetic sign. They're quite unique, and they crave a partner who can keep up with their ever-changing lifestyle. Surprise and excitement in a relationship are very important to this sign. They don't want a relationship that becomes dull and boring, but rather they crave a partnership filled exhilaration and enthusiasm.


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