7 Things an Aries NEVER Wants to Hear

While Aries is known as a sign of courage, confidence and passion, they're also known for their stubbornness and hot tempers.

Their blazing personalities can make them as volatile as they are daring. Here are the things Aries never wants to hear—even if at times they need to hear them.

"Be Patient."

Aries can't stand sitting around, waiting for things to happen. They can be impatient, and being forced to be idle often fuels their fiery tempers. They especially can't stand it when they believe others are hindering their progress. However, being told that they're not handling the situation with patience and poise will only fuel those fires further.


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"Let Me Help."

Independent Aries can also be extremely stubborn, and when they're struggling with something, they'll be more likely to refuse help. They want to be able to do things all on their own, and when others offer to chip in, they can become extra defensive about their abilities. However, they do have a limit, and will eventually give in when they realize they're totally stumped.


"You Need to Calm Down."

Passionate Aries can lose their calm over the smallest things—especially being told to calm down. When they're overreacting, that's the last thing they want to hear. Instead, when you see an Aries getting fired up, try helping them take deep breaths or let them vent to you instead to diffuse the situation.


"Just Follow Along."

Aries wants to be the leader of every group they're in, so they're not very happy when they don't get to be in charge. Their independent streak makes them unlikely to follow someone else's lead willingly, and they tend to question other people's authority when they're told what to do. They're not born to follow—though they can't realistically be in charge all the time, either.


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"Keep Your Opinions to Yourself."

Aries is known for having lots of strong opinions. Even when their thoughts are unpopular or controversial, Aries loves expressing themselves and sharing what they truly think. They don't want to hear that their opinions aren't welcome or that others aren't listening. Even telling them to quiet down a little can ignite an Aries' fire.


"You Have to Do This."

An Aries hates obligations. If you tell one that they have to do something, they'll do everything they can in their power to be contrary and not do it. Of course, everyone has to have responsibilities every once in a while. Try giving them some lead time before the obligation and give them choices about it to make them like they weren't forced.

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"This Could Be Better If…"

Even when Aries requests feedback, they don't necessarily want it. They regard their own work highly, so they have a tough time accepting even the most constructive of criticism. However, Aries does need this help—especially when they ask directly for it. If you can make them think your correction was their idea in the first place, everyone will win.


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