8 Things Your Boyfriend Should NEVER Do on Instagram

Having a boyfriend is difficult, but having a boyfriend in the age of Instagram is especially challenging.

In any relationship, you expect your partner to act in a way that respects you and your partnership. While you might know exactly what you want in your in-person interactions, figuring out what's right and wrong on their social media is a whole different story.

Although you can't control everything your boyfriend does, you can certainly be aware of online behavior that isn't exactly appropriate. Keep scrolling for eight things your boyfriend shouldn't do on Instagram.

DM Other Girls

It should go without saying, but your boyfriend shouldn't be sliding into other girls' DMs. If it's a close friend or family member, they can message away. But if they're DMing other ladies just for the fun of it, it's a little concerning. Why do they feel the need to reach out to other people when they already have you? It's a slippery slope, and it's better if your BF sticks to sliding into your DMs, and yours alone.

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Post Flirty Comments

Some people freak out about their boyfriend liking another girl's photo, even if it's just a friend. We think that's taking things a little too far. If your boyfriend is liking their female friend's photos, you don't have to turn it into a big deal. If they start posting flirty comments on any girl's posts, however, they've taken it too far. Since the two of you are in a relationship, your boyfriend shouldn't be flirting with anyone else, even if it's just over an Instagram comment. Hearts, kissy emojis, fire emojis and anything else that can come across as flirty should be entirely banned from your boyfriend's Instagram vocabulary.


Hide Your Relationship

There are about a million ways that your boyfriend can show they're in a relationship on Instagram. Even if they don't regularly post you on their feed, they can like your posts, comment on your pics, post you on their Story or a number of things that communicate they're in a relationship with someone they actually care about. If your boyfriend is completely hiding you from their Instagram, it's more than a little strange. Why are they so wary of making it clear that they're in a relationship? It might be nothing, but you should definitely take their odd behavior as a huge red flag.


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Like Provocative Photos

Instagram is full of sultry content. Influencers are constantly posting racy shots that show off all their assets, and we're so here for it. We love a good thirst trap as much as anyone. But if your boyfriend is constantly liking these photos, it's a little concerning. A like is so public. Anyone can see that your BF is hitting that heart on photos of women who definitely aren't you. Not only is it embarrassing, but it could also make you feel like you're not good enough for your BF. In general, your boyfriend should stay away from liking these kinds of photos. It doesn't matter if they view it, but they could at least have the respect not to heart every woman they see.


Follow Racy Accounts

In addition to staying away from liking those provocative shots, your BF shouldn't follow accounts that are centered on such content. If they want to follow their fave influencers, that's totally fine. But if they're following dozens of accounts that strictly post R-rated pics, it's not the most appropriate look. Again, anyone can see that they're following these accounts, which could be highly embarrassing for you.

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Post Personal Things About Your Relationship

In general, people know to keep their personal relationship problems off the 'gram. Still, it's worth saying that your boyfriend shouldn't be posting about the private elements of your relationship. Whether it's posting after a fight or just sharing a little too much about your private moments, a boyfriend who posts everything about your relationship is just as bad as a boyfriend who doesn't post at all. It can be embarrassing to you, and it makes your entire relationship public knowledge, instead of keeping a few things just between the two of you. Remind your boyfriend that some things are meant to stay private, which means they shouldn't post them on Instagram.


Judge Your Posts

Your boyfriend should be your biggest supporter, and that support includes Instagram. If your boyfriend is seriously judging your social media, they're probably not the most encouraging partner. What you post is your business and your boyfriend should build you up, rather than tear you down. Making a few funny comments here and there is totally acceptable, but being genuinely mean about the things you put up is just hurtful. Tell your BF to mind their own business and be a little kinder about your content.

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Scroll While You're Together

If you and your boyfriend are spending time together, their attention should be on you. That means they shouldn't spend your entire date scrolling through their Instagram, and the same goes for you. If you or your boyfriend commit too much time to your social media, you're keeping yourselves from bonding in person. Make time to put Instagram away and just spend some quality moments with each other. It could make all the difference in building a healthy relationship.


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