If You Love Cats, These 15 Truths Will Apply to You????

Forget diamonds, cats are a girl's best friend.

Though the felines can sometimes be a bit of a nuisance, all the affection they give you makes up for all those times they were a pain in your neck. Because let's face it, nothing comes close to the inseparable bond between a cat and their owner.

All of you cat people out there definitely know what we're talking about. Scroll below to see 15 truths you'll easily relate to meow!

Blonder girl wearing plaid kissing her fluffy cat on the top of the head

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1. Every single person you meet automatically thinks you're crazy for choosing cats over dogs. What can you say, cats rule.

2. Whenever you're out and see a stray cat, you do just about everything in your power to make it your best friend. You'll chase it across the coast if it means petting it for two seconds.

3. But you feel like the queen of the kitties when a stray cat chooses to approach you out of the blue for some tender loving care.

4. You're constantly teased for your "cat lady" status, but low-key you dream about the day you'll finally legitimately become one.

Brown haired woman holding tow kittens in her arms

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5. You've become so used to your cat's hair being on everything that you constantly have a lint roller on hand.

6. And even though it's absolutely disgusting, you don't even care that one or even two cat hairs find their way into everything you eat or drink. Yes, coughing up hairballs of your own happens. No, it's really not that gross.

7. Getting your cat to sit still for a photo is an impossible task, which is why you rarely ever post photos of them on social media. It's not because you don't love them, it's because they're not photogenic.

8. Even though snapping a pic of them is not easy, your goal in life is to make your feline friend the next internet sensation, much like Grumpy Cat. One day your hard work will pay off.

Grumpy Cat being held by Santa Claus

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9. The absolute best feeling in the world is when your cat jumps into your lap as you're lounging on the couch just to snuggle with you. Words can't even accurately describe a moment like this.

10. And when your cat purrs the second you start petting it, don't even get us started. It's the little things that matter.

11. While your cat may be standoffish to others, it warms your heart when they loudly meow whenever they're in your presence. That's how they say "I love you."

12. Your bed isn't your bed. It's your cat's. They may be a quarter of the size of you, but they will spread themselves out to be four times larger than you. You don't mind giving your precious little feline just what they want though.

13. Besides, you can't imagine napping without them. Even when they walk all over you or sleep on your face, they're the best napping buddy through and through.

Brown haired girl cuddling with her tabby cat while napping

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14. Somehow they find a way to destroy everything, but upon one glance into their gleaming eyes, you cease to be mad at them.

15. Ultimately, your cat is the only person that understands you. They know your deepest darkest secrets and how to instantly brighten your day in a matter of seconds. Besties for the resties.


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