You'll Understand These Things If You're a Bonafide Dog Person

Dogs. You've never met one you don't absolutely love.

And that's because you're a bonafide dog person, who has a passion for the cute and furry creatures who can instantly brighten your day.

A teen girl and her beagle in a field

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Scroll below to see the 14 things you'll only understand because you're K-9-obsessed. ????

1. People probably constantly accuse you of being cliché when you say your dog is your best friend—but, you mean it with every ounce of your being. You rely on your dog to pick you up when you're down and to be there for you at all times. Just like a best friend would do.

2. You love that you have a constant sleepover buddy. In fact, your bed has a special spot designated just for your pup, and going to sleep doesn't feel right until they assume their sleepy position next to you.

Dog sleeping at the end of their owner's bed

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3. The hardest part of your day is leaving your dog when you have to head to school in the morning, but the best part is coming home to your welcoming committee of one. You're constantly amazed at just how happy they are to see you even when you've only been gone for a few hours.

4. It's a habit of yours to carry around dog treats in your backpack or purse. You never know what K-9 friend you might meet strolling the streets.

5. You've spent countless hours teaching your dog tricks, just so you can brag to your friends when they come over to visit. "Did you see that Max can shake hands now?!"

Puppy shaking hand with it's owner

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6. You talk to your dog as if they are human, and you don't even care if you look and sound like a crazy person.

7. You chucked your alarm clock long ago, because you'd prefer to wake up with a big, slobbery kiss.

8. When you go on vacay or stay at a friend's house, you request that your mom or dad send you pics of your doggy, or, even better, FaceTime you. Separation anxiety at its finest.

9. You've had a birthday party for your dog. And you're not one bit ashamed.

A dog having a birthday party with his own cake

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10. Most of your Snapchats are of your puppy doing something adorable and your phone's camera roll is maxed out on storage because of all of pics you save. You have to capture every cute moment!

11. If your pup doesn't like your crush upon meeting them, you better believe you're reevaluating your love interest. Your dog must like anyone you like-like.

12. Just as you seek out dogs when you're out and about, dogs seek out you. It's like they can detect you're a true dog-lover miles away.

A dog licking a teen girl

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13. When you visit a friend's house or attend a party where a dog is present, you spend 99.9% of your time on the floor petting the pup rather than socializing.

14. When someone says they're a cat person, you shake your head in confusion and disappointment. Dogs rule. ????


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