21 Things Every Girl Should Have in Her Purse at All Times

Growing up, did your mom seem to carry everything you could ever need in her purse?

Baby wipes? Check. Sharpie? Check. Sewing kit? Check. Umbrella? Check. Seriously—how did they fit it all? These days, we don't really have a daily need for those sorts of things, but there are certain products we simply couldn't live without. Below, you'll find a list of the essential items every girl needs to have in her purse, as well as some optional items.



1. Gum or Mints

After eating a burger or anything with garlic or onion, you're going to absolutely need to freshen up your mouth. Some gum or a couple of mints will get the job done.


2. Lip Balm

Nobody likes crusty crusts. Lip balm is an absolute ride-or-die—it's the bestie we need in every situation. Whether it's cold outside, your lips are dry or you're going on a date, lip balm belongs in your purse.


3. Tampons

If you track your cycle and know when your next period starts, that's amazing. But sometimes, Mother Nature can be mean and makes our periods start earlier. Having a backup tampon for yourself or even a friend in need of one will prove to be a life-saver.


4. Wallet

Especially when you're driving, always bring your wallet. Even if you're just going across town to pick up a friend, you need access to your ID and credit cards.


5. Phone

We're pretty sure we don't need to tell you this one, but always remember to throw your phone into your purse on your way out.


6. Face Mask

A lot of places these days don't require face masks, but there are still some that do. Be sure to keep a spare face mask at the ready in case of emergencies.


7. Keys

If you've ever been locked out of your home, we're willing to bet you never forgot your keys again. Do a mental checklist every time you walk out the door: wallet, keys, phon. Check!


8. Makeup Bag

You never know where the day might take you, and that's why we think having the essentials in your makeup bag is a must. Some concealer, mascara, blush and lip gloss can wake up your face real quick.


9. Sunglasses

We think sunglasses are an absolute necessity for purses. The last thing you want is to be blinded by the sun while you're driving—it's dangerous!



10. Hair Ties

Hair ties will save you in any number of situations. Maybe it's hot and you want to throw your hair up. Maybe your hair tie broke. Maybe you want to pop into the gym. And most likely, someone will ask you for one.


11. Protein Bar

If you find yourself with a lack of time to grab a meal, having a protein bar at the ready is a great option. Until you can get your hands on some real sustenance, a protein bar or even a bag of nuts will get you through the next few hours.


12. Hand Sanitizer

If you're ever in a public place like a restaurant, store or gas station, trust us—you're definitely going to want some hand sanitizer!


13. Pen

Even though so many things are digital these days, there are still those few things we need pens for—like signing the back of a check. Keep a pen in your purse. You can thank us later!

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14. Advil

Whether you've been in front of the computer screen for too long or you're sore from that workout, Advil will come in handy. Keep some in your bag for emergencies!


15. Bandages

If you're the sort of person to wear a pair of shoes for their look and not their comfort, you need to have bandages in your bag. Your blisters will thank you for it.


16. Safety Pins

Have you ever had a button pop off your jeans? What about a rip in your blouse? Those problems can be temporarily fixed with the help of a safety pin.


17. Phone Charger

Don't you hate it when your phone is running low on battery? Make sure it never dies by keeping a spare phone charger in your handbag.

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18. Pepper Spray

If you travel to places by yourself like the gym, park, grocery store or coffee shop, consider investing in some pepper spray. We think it will make your stress levels go way down just knowing you have the option to use it.


19. Oil-Blotting Wipes

If you deal with oily skin, we're sure you're already a big fan of oil-blotting wipes—but we think everyone should have some! If you're ever looking a bit shiny, these will help you right out.


20. Sunscreen

Unscreen is essential. Anytime you step outdoors, you should have SPF on your face and hands. They're the two parts of the body that show signs of aging, so be sure to protect them from the sun's harsh rays.


21. Tissues

Keeping tissues at the ready is a must—especially during cold and flu season. Whether you need them for your sniffly nose or because you ate a greasy burger, it's a great item to keep in your bag.


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