13 Things Everyone Has Said to Their Friends About Their Crush

We've all had a crush at one point or another.

It's a terrifying, nerve-racking ordeal, all while being one of the most amazingly beautiful situations in the world.

While no two crush experiences are ever the same, we bet you've said one (or all) of the 13 things below when describing the cutie you like to your friends.

When you show their friends a picture of them:

"They look better in person."


When you realize your names mash perfectly together:

"Our ship name is actually the cutest thing ever."


When they make the most minimal effort to show they acknowledge your presence:

"I think [insert crush's name here] likes me, too!"

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When you find out your zodiac signs are compatible:

"They're a [insert crush's zodiac sign here] and I'm a [insert your zodiac sign here], so we're basically meant for each other."


When they share a mediocre meme with you once:

"They're actually the funniest person I've ever met."


When you both have the same taste in music:

"They just really get me, you know?"


When they look really good:

"[Insert crush's name here] looks so hot today! Should I tell them that, or would it be weird?"

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When you "casually" bump into them while they're out with their family:

"I just love how caring they are about their family. He's so sweet, I can't!"


When you want to switch up your hair, but aren't sure if your crush would approve:

"Do you think [insert crush's name here] would totally hate me if I dyed my hair purple?"


When you drag your friends to one of their sports games/theater performances/choir concerts/etc.:

"Isn't [insert crush's name here] the most amazing person ever at [insert activity here]? I can't believe how talented they are."

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When you're curious about how your future will turn out:

"I already mashed our faces together and we'd honestly have the most adorable babies!"


When they won't give you the time of day:

"It's totally fine! They're just playing hard to get, but I've got them right where I want them… I think."


When they start seeing someone that isn't you:

"WHY DOESN'T [insert crush's name here] LOVE ME?!?!"


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