5 Things You Needs to Focus on During Virgo Season

In case you haven't heard, we're smack dab in the middle of Virgo season.

The sun shifted out of Leo's fun energy on Aug. 23, which may explain any sudden urges to organize, say, your entire life. While Virgo is far from the most carefree season of the zodiac, it's a necessary shift. Virgo focuses on hard work, organization and practicality. In other words, it's time to get your life back in order.

Whether Virgo contradicts or coincides with your natural tendencies, you can gain a lot by embracing the energy of this season. If you want to get the most out of this astrological shift, keep scrolling for five things you need to focus on during Virgo season.

Work, Work and More Work

Virgo season really embraces the hardworking nature of this sign. Virgos take a very methodical approach to the world around them, which makes them very motivated to finish their business and increase their productivity. With school starting up again and the general laziness of summer fading away, you've probably been feeling pressured to get back into the swing of things and manage your own workload. Instead of fighting Virgo's studious energy, embrace it.

Work should be one of your main focuses during Virgo season. Whether it's school work, commitment to after-school activities or dedication to your part-time job, it doesn't really matter. Whatever your responsibilities may be, Virgo's energy will push you to give 110% in all areas. Virgo's tireless energy won't last forever. Embrace the extra push and allow yourself to start the year strong. It may feel difficult for a while, but you're sure to appreciate it in the long run.

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In addition to worrying about your workload, you've probably been feeling a bit of pressure to get things in order. Even if you can't quite figure out what you need to arrange, there's a general feeling that your life is lacking some crucial framework. Well, don't worry—you're not losing it. Your need to organize the chaos in your life is probably due to the structured nature of Virgo.

Spring cleaning may be the norm, but you could really benefit from an organization overhaul during Virgo season. The orderly nature of this season will give you the push you need to tidy up your life. By embracing the natural energy around you, you'll find that it's much easier to take stock of your responsibilities, throw out things you don't need, create a schedule for yourself and generally add some simple structure to your otherwise chaotic existence. Virgos are all about planning and organizing. You'll find that using this methodical energy to clean up your life will be much easier than fighting it.



Virgo is a frustratingly critical zodiac sign. They notice everything, and they tend to be pretty vocal with their judgments and distaste. Unfortunately, that can make Virgo season pretty difficult. Suddenly, you'll feel like everything you're doing is wrong and your life is falling apart. It sucks, but it's just part of Virgo season.

First and foremost, remember that you're not doing everything wrong. Virgo has made you more in-tune with the less fantastic elements of your life, but none of them are as awful as they might seem. Maintain your confidence in yourself, but commit a little extra time to problem-solving—that's what Virgos are good at. If something feels off in your life, find a way to fix it. Do your research, develop a plan and push yourself towards getting over that hurdle. It's a good time to solve your own problems and build your best life, even if your overall energy temporarily leads to a lot of self-criticism.

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While Virgo's analytical nature doesn't seem conducive to pampering, self-care is a crucial element of Virgo season. Virgo likes a lot of organization in their life, but they're also experts at setting boundaries and managing their own well-being. They're hard workers, but they know not to push themselves too far. Your overall mentality in Virgo season should basically be work hard, play hard.

Take plenty of time for self-care this Virgo season. Not only will it be essential to managing your stress levels, it's always a good chance to check in with yourself and figure out what you need. Virgos are sharp signs capable of looking at things without bias. Take stock of what you need in your life to improve your mental and emotional well-being. Then, act on it. And definitely make time for a few bubble baths.


Attainable Goals

When it comes to big-picture goals and dreams, Virgos have a unique advantage. Their methodical nature means they know exactly where they want to end up and they're not one to lost sight of their final destination, even if the journey is a little difficult and distracting. However, Virgo is also incredibly detail-oriented. They focus on each small step to get them to their overall goal. That means Virgo season is the perfect time to think about your big-picture goals, and start taking steps to achieve them.

Leo season probably brought your dreams and passions to the forefront of your mind. Now, it's time to act on them. Use the detail-oriented energy of Virgo to focus on the small steps you need to reach your goals. Don't shoot too high—Virgo season is only a month, after all—but focus on a few attainable goals and start your journey towards completing them. You'll probably find that they're much more achievable during Virgo season.

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