5 Things Every Good Student MUST Do Before the End of the School Year

Finally the school year is inching towards a close.

Unfortunately, the hard work of being a good student never ends. While you're closing out your social life and making summer plans with your pals, you can also work to end an era in your academic world.

Keep scrolling for five things every good student must do before the end of the school year.

Thank Your Teachers

Your teachers have done a lot for you over the course of the year, so the least you can do is thank them. It doesn't even have to be a big deal. Simply reach out in person or over email and let them know that you appreciated their guidance. Not only is it a nice thing to do, it will also leave you in good standing with your instructors. It might not seem important now, but when you're wrangling recommendation letters and searching for college advice, it will be nice to have a few teachers in your corner.


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Scout Next Year's Teachers

The beginning of the school year always feels a little overwhelming, mostly because you're tossed back into the deep end without any preparation. However, you can temper that frustration extra early by scouting out next year's teachers right now. If you have professors you haven't yet met, try to do some recon with other students. Figure out their likes and dislikes, how strict they are and how difficult the class might be. It gives you a small head start on preparation for next year and allows you to spot any potential problems early. If someone sounds truly heinous, you might even be able to switch out of the class before the new school year starts.


Get Advice

You can never be too early to introduce yourself to the guidance counselor or college counselor at your school. If you want to get into a competitive college, you have to get started on all those requirements early. If you don't have any idea about your college plans, your counselor can help to guide and push you in the right direction. If you know exactly where you want to go, your counselor can outline what you'll need to get there. It's best to do it early. That way you can get started on any particularly difficult elements over the summer, or simply mentally prepare yourself for the tough years ahead.

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Set Your Schedule

Different schools have different timing as far as picking next year's schedule. But whether your school determines your new classes early or not, you should have a pretty good idea of what you want to take. Summer is supposed to be about relaxation and fun—not stressing over school schedules and classes. Before you leave, plan out your agenda for the upcoming year. When it's time to pick classes, it'll be a stress-free breeze for you, unlike other students who have to interrupt their summertime fun to worry about school.


Check Your Grades

Yes, yes—we know it's annoying. However, in the hustle and bustle of the end of the year, it can be easy to lose track of your grades. You should definitely do a final grade calculation before your exams roll around. If you're lower than you want to be, you still have time to ask your teachers for extra credit assignments or study extra hard for your final to bump up your score. If you don't know what you're working with, you might end up with a lower mark that can stain your personal record.


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